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1.5 - Past Stories

  Amelia was frantic with worry, Andy had barely had time to say what happened before his phone was forcibly disconnected. Immediately, she called the police, who filled out a missing persons report on the two.
  Returning to the living room, Amelia found Phoebe waiting patiently on the couch.
  “This place looks so empty without my junk cluttering it up. But it's much more of a home now, then it ever was before.”
  “What do you want?”

  Phoebe gave Amelia a calculating look. “Do you know what your father bargained for?”
  Amelia thought back. She remembered eavesdropping on an argument between her parents about his bargain. That was the first time she'd heard of it. When she asked her mother about it later, she broke down in tears, and told Amelia everything.
  Richard wanted his company to climb to the top. To be the best. So he offered his first born daughter for it. Just so he wouldn't have to work.

  Phoebe's face was dark after Amelia finished explaining. “What a greedy bastard. Wanting all the money without the work. And to give up his own child to do so.” Phoebe shook her head. “Wasn’t he taught to work as a child?”
  Amelia tried not to laugh. Her father, work? It was a laughable topic, it would take a miracle for that to happen.
  Silence filled the room. Amelia fidgeted, while Phoebe was deep in thought.

  “Amelia, can I tell you something? I haven't told anyone before, but I'd like just one person, at least, to know my story.”
  Sitting forward, Amelia nodded eagarly.

  Phoebe and her older sister, Penelope grew up in the Veritas Kingdom, with their father, the blacksmith, and their mother. All four shared a bedroom above their fathers workshop, it was a tight squeeze, but none minded. They were a well off family, not rich, but not poor. The local knights kept Peter busy making new swords, and shields, and once in a while, new armour.
  Phoebe was always running off to play with other children, while Penelope stayed home and ran errands for their parents. As the older sister, Penelope felt the job fell to her, and was proud of that. It stayed this way until the girls were young adults.

  The newly crowned king, Albert, son of the late king Edmund the Great, needed a wife before he could properly take the throne.
  While roaming the town square, he caught sight of Penelope. Almost right away, he fell in love with her blue eyes, and blonde hair and her charming personality. They married soon after.
  They weren't married long before Penelope announced she was pregnant. Both the king and queen were overjoyed, while Phoebe was just excited to be an aunt.

  Everything was great.
  Until Penelope went into labour. Since men were not allowed in the chamber, he charged Phoebe to stay with Penelope until the child was born.

  It was nearly forty-eight hours later when Penelope gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. Penelope lived long enough to name the children -Edward, and Gwenhwyfar- and to tell Phoebe she loved her.

  Albert was devastated. He fell into a depression that never fully left him. For weeks, he locked himself in his study.
  By then Phoebe had moved into the castle, to serve as a nanny to the twins. In her spare time, she started studying witchcraft, hoping to find a way to bring back her sister.
  After finding something that looked promising, Phoebe hurried to find Albert. When she found him, in his study of course, he was kissing a strange girl. Someone who didn't look right.
  Having heard the door open, Albert stopped kissing her, and looked at Phoebe with a guilty look before looking back at the girl.
  “Please, Cassandra, bring my wife back.”

Short chapter, I know. But that's cause I decided that a cliffhanger (lame one) was better then having the entire story in one post.
Also, I was going to use Sims Medieval for Phoebe's story, but when thinking about it, I figured it would take too much effort on my part to get everyone where I wanted them for photos. So using Sims 3 was easier (Once I found all the necessary custom content to get the look I wanted. xD). Not to mention that my computer would have a huge hissy fit if I tried. I only just managed to take the last picture before it crashed. :P

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1.4 - What Now?

Warning: Only teeny tiny swear word at the end. Just in case. I don't want someone getting upset over that.
Just recently, the family relocated to a small town, far from Lucky Palms.
  Phoebe had told Andy that it was much safer, more people around to keep them safe. Andy understood what she meant. Amelia did not. She was just happy that she was away from the heat of the desert.
  The new house they lived in used to be Phoebes. She had since built a new one... You can't live for centuries without making lots of money.
  Cassandra had followed them, but being surrounded by so many she could not harm, was deemed harmless.

  “If it's a boy I want to name him.”
  Andy had been going like this for a while now.
  The past few months had been oddly quiet. Amelia expected Cassandra to drop in at any moment. What she didn't know was that Phoebe had put wards up around their house, keeping Cassandra away/
  “Andy, names have already been picked out, remember? Besides, what if it is a girl?”
  Andy dismissed that right away. “There hasn't been a girl born in my family in generations."
  So, I think that Thomas is the perfect name for him,” Andy prattled on.
  With an annoyed sigh, Amelia turned to look at her boyfriend. Time to burst his bubble. “I went for an ultrasound, Andy, we're having a girl.”
  “They got it wrong,” Andy immediately argued.
  “Is having a girl that repulsive to you that you'd argue against science?”
  Andy paused. It wasn't that having a girl was terrible. He just wanted a boy.
  Wincing in pain, Amelia didn't allow Andy to answer her. “Anyway, let's hurry up and get to the hospital so you can see that I'm right.”
  Andy looked confused for a moment, then his eyes got wider in understanding.

  After rushing around for several minutes, they were finally on their way to the hospital.
  Amelia made Andy pull over halfway there, so she could drive the rest of the way. He was driving at a snail's pace, and Amelia wanted to have her baby in the hospital, not in their junk of a car.

  It was several hours later when Amelia was released from the hospital.
  They left with a beautiful baby girl that Amelia named Brenna Hope Saffron. Andy was slightly put out at having a girl, but still argued at who got to push the stroller home. Amelia won.
  Phoebe had helped Amelia with designing the nursery, it had a lot of pastel, and with the light on, it was very bright. Amelia thought she'd go blind, and hoped that Brenna wouldn't either.

  Andy stopped by the store on the way home, to pick up a camera. He didn't want to miss a moment of his daughter's life, not like his father did with him.
  Amelia never wanted to let her daughter go. She was scared that Cassandra would appear, and trade Amelia's life for Brenna's, and take her baby away.
  Through the night, Amelia mostly stayed in Brenna's room, only leaving for bathroom breaks. Until she got hungry. She left the room to go make something to eat.

  What alerted Amelia to something being wrong was a very faint humming noise coming from the baby moniter.
  She tip-toed to the door, hopping to catch whoever it was. Abruptly the humming stopped, and Amelia slowly opened the door, scared. The first thing she noticed was her daughter was still sleeping, though there was a toy sitting in her crib, but Amelia didn't think it was weird. Andy probably gave it to her and Amelia just hadn't noticed it.
  The next thing she noticed was a letter and a strange purple flower sitting on her chair. Immediately, Amelia pocketed the flower, feeling a weird urge to keep it hidden from everyone. Sitting down, she quickly scanned the letter.
  She had until Brenna was a teenager to leave. If she didn't, then she would die. The flower would keep her soul from moving on, for Cassandra to take.
  With tears in her eyes, Amelia looked at her sleeping child. The years were going to fly by, and Amelia was not looking forward to their end.

  Andy found Amelia fast asleep in the chair in Brenna's room. In stead of waking her up and sending her to her own bed, Andy just let her be. Quietly, he picked up Brenna and took her out to the kitchen for her morning feeding.
  When she was finished her bottle, Andy wanted to take her on a walk... More to show her off to everyone, to prove he was a good father even though he didn't get the son he wanted, then it was to spend time with Brenna.

  Once again, Amelia awoke to an empty house. Only this time, she didn't keep calm.
  It wasn't that she didn't trust Andy, she did, sh just didn't trust anyone else.
  As she took out her cell phone to yell at Andy, it rang, almost making her drop it.
  She pressed the talk button, and held the phone against her ear. “Hello?”
  “Mia, don't be mad, 'kay?” It was Andy.
  “What the fuck have you done?”

Bonus picture:
I thought I should show one more 'Awwwwe' moment before everything gets crappy. >.>

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1.3 - Judgement Call

  “Get out of my house.”
  The young girl smirked. “No, we need to talk.”
  Amelia glanced around her before hurrying inside, pushing the door closed... though the latch didn't catch, and the door opened a few centimetres. Standing in the empty front room, resisting the urge to glare, Amelia allowed her irritation to show in her voice. “Talk then, Hannah.”
  The girl adopted an annoyed look. “Hannah isn't my name. That is the name of the girl I killed to take her identity. My name is Cassandra.”
  Rolling her eyes, Amelia crossed her arms.
  “Since that fool, Marley allowed himself to be caught, I need someone else to help me. Since you know what is going on, and-”
  “No!” Amelia interrupted.

  Cassandra laughed. It was a cold, harsh laugh, not something you'd expect from a child. “You have no choice. I will not take no as an answer.”
  “You will this time,” Amelia hissed.
  Narrowing her eyes, Cassandra took a step closer to Amelia, who held her ground. “Oh, but I will not. Your life was promised to me years ago. The day you were born in fact, all so your father could have money. Your life belongs to me, Amelia. Never forget that.”
  Before Amelia could reply, Cassandra disappeared, moments before Andy walked in.

  “Is everything okay?” Andy asked, concerned.
  Amelia felt like curling up in a ball, far from anyone who may bother her. She'd already known about her father's stupid deal, the one he'd made without her mother's approval. It was one of the reasons she'd tried to kill herself.
  Distracted by her thoughts, Amelia just nodded.
  Slightly frustrated, Andy grabbed her shoulder, and forced her to turn and look at him. “Amelia, tell me what is going on. Who was that girl? What was she talking about?”
  Amelia was at a loss for words. Tears began to run down her face as she struggled to put together a sentence. Just some lie, anything to get him to shut up.
  Fortunately the need to run upstairs to the bathroom and puke her guts out saved her from answering.
  Andy followed her upstairs, if only to hold her hair back. He knew he wouldn't get any answers from Amelia. She was as good, or better, at keeping secrets as him... And just as stubborn.
  So instead, he held back her hair, looked for her toothbrush and toothpaste, and sent her on her way to bed.

  After Amelia fell asleep, Andy stepped outside to make a phone call.
  Phoebe was always the one he called when something strange happened. She claimed to be his family's guardian, ever since her sister married in the family centuries ago.
  When Phoebe answered her phone, she didn't allow Andy to say anything, instead, she told him she'd be there soon, and hung up the phone.
  Even more frustrated then before, Andy went to bed, to try to get a little bit of sleep.

  The next day just seemed to get worse, but better too.
  Amelia was up earlier then normal and watched Andy suspiciously. “Is there something you want to tell me?” she asked, gesturing to his uniform.
  Andy looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I'm sorry. I just didn't think you'd react well if I said I was going into law enforcement.”
  “Oh, well I don't mind. There was no need to lie.” Amelia sounded honest, so Andy relaxed. “Once the baby comes, no more secrets. No from the baby, and not from each other. Okay?”
  Andy just nodded, before mentioning work and running off.
  It was an impulse decision that made Amelia express what she wanted. Two little voices had been arguing in her mind all night. Eventually, reason won.

  She figured that the more people who knew about Cassandra, the better. Even if it was only one other person.
  It looked to feel like a short pregnancy to Amelia, not that she minded. She couldn't wait to hold her child in her arms.

  It was a weekend when Phoebe showed up. Amelia was out shopping for maternity clothes, and Andy was home alone... reading.
  Phoebe didn't bother knocking, instead, opting to just walk right in. Andy gasped when he saw her. She hadn't aged a day since the last time he saw her.
  “Out with it, Andy. I was just about to take a nice vacation. Then you called. So hurry up. Out with it.”
  So Andy told her everything he'd overheard. Afterwards, Phoebe stood silently, lost in thought.
  “So. She's come back.” she whispered.


  So due to major lag in my game (Five sim minutes was equal to five real minutes), I have to move my sims to a smaller town. The link to it is in the side bar.

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1.2 - Bad Idea

  The date started with them eating at the local diner (it was closest). And from there, the two walked down to the only bar in town.
  That would have been fine, but, it was Amelia's first time drinking. After only a few drink, she was already drunk.
  Andy, not wanting Amelia to embarrass herself, called a taxi to take them home. He was disappointed that the night was cut short, but should have expected it.

  Andy carefully helped Amelia inside, since she was having trouble walking straight. Once inside, Amelia turned to look at Andy, wrapping her arms around his neck., pulling herself closer to him. Automatically, Andy wrapped his arms around her waist, keeping her close.
  When she pressed her lips softly against his, Andy pulled away. “Mia, you're drunk.”
  “I'm not going to take advantage of you like that.”
  Amelia adopted a pout that Andy found adorable. He tried harder to not give in to what she was doing, nor what he wanted to do back to her. After a few minutes of arguing to himself, Andy just gave up.
  With a smile that said she won, Amelia pulled Andy along upstairs to the shower...

  It was nearly dawn when Amelia and Andy curled up together on the sofa. Amelia wasn't sober yet, though wasn't quite as drunk, and Andy is scared to leave her alone.
  “Amelia, can I ask you a question?”
  Amelia nodded her head.
  Andy fidgeted for a few seconds before asking. “Do you know who killed Melissa Rose?”
  Several minutes go by before Amelia answers, her voice just barely above a whisper. “Yes.”

  Feeling slightly bad for what he was doing, Andy wrapped his arm around Amelia, and pulled her close, hoping that she wouldn't remember any of his questions. “Who?”
  “Promise you won't tell?”
  Andy crossed his fingers. “Promise.” Andy's new boss at the police station promised him a promotion, and a huge raise if he could get the answers to the last murder in Riverview.
  “Do you remember Marley Madison?”
  “Marley killed her? I thought they were dating?”
  “No, he didn't kill her. That little girl that the Madison's adopted, Hannah, killed her. She blackmailed Marley into dumping the body.”
  Andy waited to see if Amelia would say anything more. When she didn't, he voiced his next question. “Amelia, what were you doing in the woods?”
  “I was planning on killing myself.”

  “I-I don't want to talk about it.”
  Knowing he'd get nothing else, Andy let the subject drop. Hearing a yawn, he sent Amelia off to bed, deeming it safe for her to go by herself. Besides, he wasn't ready to let her sleep with him.
Amelia yawned again before she slowly got to her feet and walked to her own bedroom.
  Andy wasn't planning on going to bed. He had work in a couple hours, and he wanted to forget nothing. He also didn't want to disappoint his father by ruining this job opportunity. Not after everything his father went through - the favours, bribes – to get the job.

  Amelia woke to an empty house, and a terrible headache. She could remember bits and pieces of the night before. Enough to know what happened when they had arrived home, something that caused her face to rival her hair in colour (though you could argue her hair was more orange then red). She could remember talking to Andy on the couch, but for the life of her, she couldn't remember what the topic was.
  Instead of dwelling on the disaster of the night, Amelia chose to forget it. She now slightly understood why her father refused to let her drink, other then the occasional glass of wine as a teen.

  Beginning a new painting helped Amelia's headache. She was getting better at her painting as wel, and had made the decicion to start selling what looked good. It would help with the income, since Andy's business job wasn't pulling in much.
  It didn't feel like long before it was getting dark. Amelia heard the front door open, alerting her to the fact that Andy was home. She expected him to come upstairs, like usual, so she carefully put her paint things away, and waited.
  Ten minutes passed and no sign of Andy prompted Amelia to go find him.
  Andy was sitting on the couch, staring at the wall. Amelia sat down next to him, and waited silently.
  She didn't have to wait long.
  “I'm sorry Amelia. That shouldn't have happened.”
  Thinking he was talking about their 'shower' last night, Amelia wasted no time in taking half the blame. “Don't apologize Andy, my fault too.”
  Andy just shook his head and got up.

  Weeks went by rather slowly. Andy continued to ask seemingly innocent questions that Amelia hesitantly answered. They went out a couple more times, and officially started to date. Then, when Amelia got sick, Andy called a stop to going out for supper, thinking that she just had food poisoning. He promised her that once she got better, they'd go out to see a movie. Anything that Amelia wanted.
  But Amelia didn't get better, though didn't get worse. Finally, Andy took her to the hospital. It didn't take long for the doctors to tell them what was wrong. Amelia was pregnant.
  Shocked, Andy chose to walk home while Amelia took a taxi.

  When Amelia got home, she noticed the door was wide open, when she remembered locking it before leaving. A young girl stepped out and gazed at Amelia. “Nice to see you again, Amelia.”

Saturday, 14 July 2012

1.1 - Beginning Anew

  As Amelia discovered, Lucky Palms was located in a desert. She thought it was a nice cool place to live. Apparently not. Geography was not her strong point.
  The only house that Andy could afford was a small one bedroom house. So, he set up some screens in the living room for himself, and gave the only bedroom to Amelia who tried to refuse it.
  Though Amelia had to admit, it was nice to have her own actual bedroom. And the freedom that came from living somewhere mostly on her own. Here she knew no one, and most people didn't care about newcomers.
  No one here was going to judge her for the things she'd been accused for. Everyone in River believed she was guilty, and the real culprit spun a tale spun a tale far too believable. Besides who would believe that a little girl killed people then blackmailed her brother to dump the bodies?

  As Amelia looked at the house that was to become her home, Andy waited for her assessment.
  “I know it's small, but it's all I could afford... Do you like it?” Andy rambled when Amelia looked at him.
  Amelia smiled at the nervous wreck before her. “I love it, it's perfect.” Amelia wrapped her arms around him in a hug.
  Replacing his nervousness with a relaxed smile, Andy hugged his best friend. “Is there anything else I can get you?”
  Pulling away, Amelia bit her lip. “An easel? I'd like to go back to my dream... to be an artist.”
  With a bow, Andy grinned. “Yes, milady.”

  After a quick trip to the store, a new easel is set up outside at the back of the house. Amelia got started right away.
  Leaving her to do her thing, Andy grabbed a logic book and sat down to read, and soon got lost in reading the rules of chess.
  It wasn't until it was getting dark that Amelia realized the time. Putting down her paintbrush, she rushed back inside. Andy hadn't moved once from his place on the couch, still lost in the book. Amelia briefly wondered how someone could read such a boring book, but dismissed the thought. She was thinking about her high school resident bookworm.

  At the sound of the door opening, Andy put his book down and gave Amelia a questioning look. “Something wrong?”
  “I was just surprised at how fast the day went by... Are you hungry?”
  Andy grinned. “Always.”
  Amelia rolled her eyes as she turned around and went to look for ingredients to make a quick salad.

  Later that night, Amelia laid in bed, she ran over the past months events in her mind. It was her stupid mistake that led to her arrest. She shouldn't have stayed and spoken with Marley before going to do her thing. If she had done what she'd gone there to do in the first place, she wouldn't have been in this mess at all. Instead, her parents and sister would be planning a funeral, and trying to find a way to say it was murder rather then suicide.
  While in jail, she had time to think over her actions, and constantly think about what she could have done differently.
  She found it odd that the boy she befriended in elementary school, who she had a crush on in high school, the one who never paid attention to her, was the one to come to her rescue. The Andrew Saffron that she remembered never had time to do anything but study. He wouldn't let a fly bug him if it meant a less then perfect grade. He had wanted to go far in life.
  So how did he end up starting over in Lucky Palms, with her of all people?

  It was a question that plagued Amelia all night. While she was able to sleep, it was restless, and kept her tossing and turning all night. It was only a few hours later when she gave up sleeping. Throwing some clothes on, she tip-toed outside, trying not to let the floor creak, and headed straight for her easel.
  Just as when she was a child, painting calmed her, cleared her mind. Made her forget everything going on in her life. It had helped a lot when her parents missed award ceremonies, school plays, and parent-teacher interviews. Her graduation had been the last straw.

  “You know, I was worried for a moment when I realized the house was empty.”
  The sound of Andy's voice startled Amelia, making her drop her paintbrush.
  Andy chuckled. “Sorry.” He didn't sound it.
  Amelia turned to look at her friend. “I couldn't sleep. Might as well do something productive.”
  “Care to say why?”
  Amelia hesitated for a moment before just blurting it out. “Why did you want me to move here with you?”
  “Mia, you're my best friend, my only friend really, I always want you around. And I was already planning to move here, but having you come just made it all that much better, and easier. And...” he trailed off, losing a bit of his courage.
  “And?” Amelia prompted.
  “And I liked you in high school, I just never had the courage to ask you out, and Mike Ronald was always bragging about how the two of you would, you know, under the bleachers at school after games...” Andy blushed. “But, I still like you, and I thought this would be a good way to be together.” Andy's face stayed red after his confession.

Amelia smiled. “Well first off, I only did it once with Mike, that's not the point though. I liked you, I just thought you wanted to only ever study for classes. So I never tried to get you to notice me.”
Andy took a deep breath. “Will you go on a date with me tonight?”

Friday, 13 July 2012

Prologue - Luck isn't on her Side

  One could say that Amelia was one very unlucky girl. Or one could argue that she was lucky. That she should be happy she was arrested, to be kept away from all the law abiding citizens. That she was guilty, that she deserved everything coming to her.


  Laying on the bed in her cell, Amelia sighed, and began counting the squares on the ceiling again. Bail had been posted for her, but her parents had refused to pay it, they at least paid a visit a few days later to tell her why. Thinking about it made Amelia feel bad for her parents. They'd spent their lives raising her, hoping that she'd be the one to carry on the family name, and that responsibility now fell to her younger sister. Thinking about the visit, Amelia wondered if she could have done anything differently. Probably not.

  Amelia watched with suspicious eyes when her mother and father walked into the visitor side. Her mother had clearly been crying, the tear tracks making a slight discolouration through her make-up. For once, she hadn't taken the time to fix herself to look perfect for everyone. Probably trying to play the sympathy card, thought Amelia with a snort.
  Her father looked stern. Using the face he always did when Amelia was a child, so she knew she was in trouble. He didn't bother sitting down, and stopped Amelia's mother when she tried to sit. In a hard voice he informed Amelia that she was being disowned from the family, and her share of the inheritance would be going to Emily. Emily was also forbidden to see her, and Amelia wasn't allowed within a hundred feet of the teenager.
  That one hurt Amelia, and it showed on her face if the smug look her father now held had any clue. Emily was her baby sister. The one who always looked up to her, who always came to her with problems. They were very close.
  Without a goodbye, her parents left, leaving Amelia to stare the the table, unable to believe what she heard.

  Not too long ago, someone had informed Amelia that once the evidence came in, they'd know if she could leave or not. If not, then a trial date would be set, and she'd be moved to more secure lodgings. Amelia kept quiet, knowing that they wouldn't listen if she repeated that she didn't do anything.
She knew that it looked overwhelming against her. Of course, no one believed why she went out in the first place. Sims didn't just decide to kill themselves the night of their graduation.
Being found with a gun in her hand, blood dripping down her arms, and near the body were not very helpful.

  The day before evidence came in, luck decided to change sides. Amelia was woken to the sound of her cell door opening. The officer in charge was watching her grinned and handed Amelia her clothes.
  “Your bail was night. You're free. Evidence came in as well, you're innocent. So your bail was changed. It is illegal to have a gun when not in law enforcement.”
  Amelia smiled gratefully. “Thank you.” Taking her clothes, Amelia headed to the bathroom to take a needed shower, and get dressed.
When she was led from the building, she found an old familiar face waiting for her.

  Andrew Saffron. He had been offcially known as the smartest kid in Riverview. Everyone wanted to be his 'friend' for homework help. Amelia had been just behind him in grades. She used to have a huge crush on him in high school, and as she found out, her crush was still active. Seeing him sent jitters through her body.
  Andy smiled, making Amelia practically melt in place. His blue eyes held a degree of concern as he looked her over. Amelia was thin, thinner than she should have been, she had bags under her eyes, and looked visibly tired. “Mia, you look terrible.” The nickname surprisingly hurt Amelia a little. It was something Andy had started after declaring the two friends.
  Amelia let out a harsh laugh, for two reasons. She'd realized that Andy was always just going to be her friend, and because of what he'd said. “You would too if you spent time in jail.”
  With a grimace, Andy looked down at his feet before changing the subject. “They cleared your name. The captain kept coming up with reasons to keep you. Eventually he stuck the having a gun is illegal to you, so I paid the bail.”
  “Thanks, I owe you.”

  Andy shuffled his feet, then looked at Amelia. “I know how you can pay me back.”
  Amelia waited for him to continue. Whatever it was, she would do it.
  After a long pause, he continued. “Move with me to Lucky Palms?”
  That caught Amelia off guard. It wasn't what she was expecting. But it would work. She didn't want to stay in Riverview, everyone thought she'd been the one to murder everyone, and she had no money thanks to her father. A moment later she had her answer.