Saturday, 14 July 2012

1.1 - Beginning Anew

  As Amelia discovered, Lucky Palms was located in a desert. She thought it was a nice cool place to live. Apparently not. Geography was not her strong point.
  The only house that Andy could afford was a small one bedroom house. So, he set up some screens in the living room for himself, and gave the only bedroom to Amelia who tried to refuse it.
  Though Amelia had to admit, it was nice to have her own actual bedroom. And the freedom that came from living somewhere mostly on her own. Here she knew no one, and most people didn't care about newcomers.
  No one here was going to judge her for the things she'd been accused for. Everyone in River believed she was guilty, and the real culprit spun a tale spun a tale far too believable. Besides who would believe that a little girl killed people then blackmailed her brother to dump the bodies?

  As Amelia looked at the house that was to become her home, Andy waited for her assessment.
  “I know it's small, but it's all I could afford... Do you like it?” Andy rambled when Amelia looked at him.
  Amelia smiled at the nervous wreck before her. “I love it, it's perfect.” Amelia wrapped her arms around him in a hug.
  Replacing his nervousness with a relaxed smile, Andy hugged his best friend. “Is there anything else I can get you?”
  Pulling away, Amelia bit her lip. “An easel? I'd like to go back to my dream... to be an artist.”
  With a bow, Andy grinned. “Yes, milady.”

  After a quick trip to the store, a new easel is set up outside at the back of the house. Amelia got started right away.
  Leaving her to do her thing, Andy grabbed a logic book and sat down to read, and soon got lost in reading the rules of chess.
  It wasn't until it was getting dark that Amelia realized the time. Putting down her paintbrush, she rushed back inside. Andy hadn't moved once from his place on the couch, still lost in the book. Amelia briefly wondered how someone could read such a boring book, but dismissed the thought. She was thinking about her high school resident bookworm.

  At the sound of the door opening, Andy put his book down and gave Amelia a questioning look. “Something wrong?”
  “I was just surprised at how fast the day went by... Are you hungry?”
  Andy grinned. “Always.”
  Amelia rolled her eyes as she turned around and went to look for ingredients to make a quick salad.

  Later that night, Amelia laid in bed, she ran over the past months events in her mind. It was her stupid mistake that led to her arrest. She shouldn't have stayed and spoken with Marley before going to do her thing. If she had done what she'd gone there to do in the first place, she wouldn't have been in this mess at all. Instead, her parents and sister would be planning a funeral, and trying to find a way to say it was murder rather then suicide.
  While in jail, she had time to think over her actions, and constantly think about what she could have done differently.
  She found it odd that the boy she befriended in elementary school, who she had a crush on in high school, the one who never paid attention to her, was the one to come to her rescue. The Andrew Saffron that she remembered never had time to do anything but study. He wouldn't let a fly bug him if it meant a less then perfect grade. He had wanted to go far in life.
  So how did he end up starting over in Lucky Palms, with her of all people?

  It was a question that plagued Amelia all night. While she was able to sleep, it was restless, and kept her tossing and turning all night. It was only a few hours later when she gave up sleeping. Throwing some clothes on, she tip-toed outside, trying not to let the floor creak, and headed straight for her easel.
  Just as when she was a child, painting calmed her, cleared her mind. Made her forget everything going on in her life. It had helped a lot when her parents missed award ceremonies, school plays, and parent-teacher interviews. Her graduation had been the last straw.

  “You know, I was worried for a moment when I realized the house was empty.”
  The sound of Andy's voice startled Amelia, making her drop her paintbrush.
  Andy chuckled. “Sorry.” He didn't sound it.
  Amelia turned to look at her friend. “I couldn't sleep. Might as well do something productive.”
  “Care to say why?”
  Amelia hesitated for a moment before just blurting it out. “Why did you want me to move here with you?”
  “Mia, you're my best friend, my only friend really, I always want you around. And I was already planning to move here, but having you come just made it all that much better, and easier. And...” he trailed off, losing a bit of his courage.
  “And?” Amelia prompted.
  “And I liked you in high school, I just never had the courage to ask you out, and Mike Ronald was always bragging about how the two of you would, you know, under the bleachers at school after games...” Andy blushed. “But, I still like you, and I thought this would be a good way to be together.” Andy's face stayed red after his confession.

Amelia smiled. “Well first off, I only did it once with Mike, that's not the point though. I liked you, I just thought you wanted to only ever study for classes. So I never tried to get you to notice me.”
Andy took a deep breath. “Will you go on a date with me tonight?”