Friday, 20 July 2012

1.3 - Judgement Call

  “Get out of my house.”
  The young girl smirked. “No, we need to talk.”
  Amelia glanced around her before hurrying inside, pushing the door closed... though the latch didn't catch, and the door opened a few centimetres. Standing in the empty front room, resisting the urge to glare, Amelia allowed her irritation to show in her voice. “Talk then, Hannah.”
  The girl adopted an annoyed look. “Hannah isn't my name. That is the name of the girl I killed to take her identity. My name is Cassandra.”
  Rolling her eyes, Amelia crossed her arms.
  “Since that fool, Marley allowed himself to be caught, I need someone else to help me. Since you know what is going on, and-”
  “No!” Amelia interrupted.

  Cassandra laughed. It was a cold, harsh laugh, not something you'd expect from a child. “You have no choice. I will not take no as an answer.”
  “You will this time,” Amelia hissed.
  Narrowing her eyes, Cassandra took a step closer to Amelia, who held her ground. “Oh, but I will not. Your life was promised to me years ago. The day you were born in fact, all so your father could have money. Your life belongs to me, Amelia. Never forget that.”
  Before Amelia could reply, Cassandra disappeared, moments before Andy walked in.

  “Is everything okay?” Andy asked, concerned.
  Amelia felt like curling up in a ball, far from anyone who may bother her. She'd already known about her father's stupid deal, the one he'd made without her mother's approval. It was one of the reasons she'd tried to kill herself.
  Distracted by her thoughts, Amelia just nodded.
  Slightly frustrated, Andy grabbed her shoulder, and forced her to turn and look at him. “Amelia, tell me what is going on. Who was that girl? What was she talking about?”
  Amelia was at a loss for words. Tears began to run down her face as she struggled to put together a sentence. Just some lie, anything to get him to shut up.
  Fortunately the need to run upstairs to the bathroom and puke her guts out saved her from answering.
  Andy followed her upstairs, if only to hold her hair back. He knew he wouldn't get any answers from Amelia. She was as good, or better, at keeping secrets as him... And just as stubborn.
  So instead, he held back her hair, looked for her toothbrush and toothpaste, and sent her on her way to bed.

  After Amelia fell asleep, Andy stepped outside to make a phone call.
  Phoebe was always the one he called when something strange happened. She claimed to be his family's guardian, ever since her sister married in the family centuries ago.
  When Phoebe answered her phone, she didn't allow Andy to say anything, instead, she told him she'd be there soon, and hung up the phone.
  Even more frustrated then before, Andy went to bed, to try to get a little bit of sleep.

  The next day just seemed to get worse, but better too.
  Amelia was up earlier then normal and watched Andy suspiciously. “Is there something you want to tell me?” she asked, gesturing to his uniform.
  Andy looked like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “I'm sorry. I just didn't think you'd react well if I said I was going into law enforcement.”
  “Oh, well I don't mind. There was no need to lie.” Amelia sounded honest, so Andy relaxed. “Once the baby comes, no more secrets. No from the baby, and not from each other. Okay?”
  Andy just nodded, before mentioning work and running off.
  It was an impulse decision that made Amelia express what she wanted. Two little voices had been arguing in her mind all night. Eventually, reason won.

  She figured that the more people who knew about Cassandra, the better. Even if it was only one other person.
  It looked to feel like a short pregnancy to Amelia, not that she minded. She couldn't wait to hold her child in her arms.

  It was a weekend when Phoebe showed up. Amelia was out shopping for maternity clothes, and Andy was home alone... reading.
  Phoebe didn't bother knocking, instead, opting to just walk right in. Andy gasped when he saw her. She hadn't aged a day since the last time he saw her.
  “Out with it, Andy. I was just about to take a nice vacation. Then you called. So hurry up. Out with it.”
  So Andy told her everything he'd overheard. Afterwards, Phoebe stood silently, lost in thought.
  “So. She's come back.” she whispered.


  So due to major lag in my game (Five sim minutes was equal to five real minutes), I have to move my sims to a smaller town. The link to it is in the side bar.

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