Sunday, 22 July 2012

1.4 - What Now?

Warning: Only teeny tiny swear word at the end. Just in case. I don't want someone getting upset over that.
Just recently, the family relocated to a small town, far from Lucky Palms.
  Phoebe had told Andy that it was much safer, more people around to keep them safe. Andy understood what she meant. Amelia did not. She was just happy that she was away from the heat of the desert.
  The new house they lived in used to be Phoebes. She had since built a new one... You can't live for centuries without making lots of money.
  Cassandra had followed them, but being surrounded by so many she could not harm, was deemed harmless.

  “If it's a boy I want to name him.”
  Andy had been going like this for a while now.
  The past few months had been oddly quiet. Amelia expected Cassandra to drop in at any moment. What she didn't know was that Phoebe had put wards up around their house, keeping Cassandra away/
  “Andy, names have already been picked out, remember? Besides, what if it is a girl?”
  Andy dismissed that right away. “There hasn't been a girl born in my family in generations."
  So, I think that Thomas is the perfect name for him,” Andy prattled on.
  With an annoyed sigh, Amelia turned to look at her boyfriend. Time to burst his bubble. “I went for an ultrasound, Andy, we're having a girl.”
  “They got it wrong,” Andy immediately argued.
  “Is having a girl that repulsive to you that you'd argue against science?”
  Andy paused. It wasn't that having a girl was terrible. He just wanted a boy.
  Wincing in pain, Amelia didn't allow Andy to answer her. “Anyway, let's hurry up and get to the hospital so you can see that I'm right.”
  Andy looked confused for a moment, then his eyes got wider in understanding.

  After rushing around for several minutes, they were finally on their way to the hospital.
  Amelia made Andy pull over halfway there, so she could drive the rest of the way. He was driving at a snail's pace, and Amelia wanted to have her baby in the hospital, not in their junk of a car.

  It was several hours later when Amelia was released from the hospital.
  They left with a beautiful baby girl that Amelia named Brenna Hope Saffron. Andy was slightly put out at having a girl, but still argued at who got to push the stroller home. Amelia won.
  Phoebe had helped Amelia with designing the nursery, it had a lot of pastel, and with the light on, it was very bright. Amelia thought she'd go blind, and hoped that Brenna wouldn't either.

  Andy stopped by the store on the way home, to pick up a camera. He didn't want to miss a moment of his daughter's life, not like his father did with him.
  Amelia never wanted to let her daughter go. She was scared that Cassandra would appear, and trade Amelia's life for Brenna's, and take her baby away.
  Through the night, Amelia mostly stayed in Brenna's room, only leaving for bathroom breaks. Until she got hungry. She left the room to go make something to eat.

  What alerted Amelia to something being wrong was a very faint humming noise coming from the baby moniter.
  She tip-toed to the door, hopping to catch whoever it was. Abruptly the humming stopped, and Amelia slowly opened the door, scared. The first thing she noticed was her daughter was still sleeping, though there was a toy sitting in her crib, but Amelia didn't think it was weird. Andy probably gave it to her and Amelia just hadn't noticed it.
  The next thing she noticed was a letter and a strange purple flower sitting on her chair. Immediately, Amelia pocketed the flower, feeling a weird urge to keep it hidden from everyone. Sitting down, she quickly scanned the letter.
  She had until Brenna was a teenager to leave. If she didn't, then she would die. The flower would keep her soul from moving on, for Cassandra to take.
  With tears in her eyes, Amelia looked at her sleeping child. The years were going to fly by, and Amelia was not looking forward to their end.

  Andy found Amelia fast asleep in the chair in Brenna's room. In stead of waking her up and sending her to her own bed, Andy just let her be. Quietly, he picked up Brenna and took her out to the kitchen for her morning feeding.
  When she was finished her bottle, Andy wanted to take her on a walk... More to show her off to everyone, to prove he was a good father even though he didn't get the son he wanted, then it was to spend time with Brenna.

  Once again, Amelia awoke to an empty house. Only this time, she didn't keep calm.
  It wasn't that she didn't trust Andy, she did, sh just didn't trust anyone else.
  As she took out her cell phone to yell at Andy, it rang, almost making her drop it.
  She pressed the talk button, and held the phone against her ear. “Hello?”
  “Mia, don't be mad, 'kay?” It was Andy.
  “What the fuck have you done?”

Bonus picture:
I thought I should show one more 'Awwwwe' moment before everything gets crappy. >.>


  1. Ooh dear, this isn't sounding good for them...

    I really hope someone can defeat Cassandra, I don't care what bargain she made with Amelia's father - no-one has the right to bargain away someone else's life or soul

  2. Amazing story so far! I mean really its great! I can't wait to hear more about this back story. I added you to my blog roll and I love Andy's hair btw :)