Monday, 23 July 2012

1.5 - Past Stories

  Amelia was frantic with worry, Andy had barely had time to say what happened before his phone was forcibly disconnected. Immediately, she called the police, who filled out a missing persons report on the two.
  Returning to the living room, Amelia found Phoebe waiting patiently on the couch.
  “This place looks so empty without my junk cluttering it up. But it's much more of a home now, then it ever was before.”
  “What do you want?”

  Phoebe gave Amelia a calculating look. “Do you know what your father bargained for?”
  Amelia thought back. She remembered eavesdropping on an argument between her parents about his bargain. That was the first time she'd heard of it. When she asked her mother about it later, she broke down in tears, and told Amelia everything.
  Richard wanted his company to climb to the top. To be the best. So he offered his first born daughter for it. Just so he wouldn't have to work.

  Phoebe's face was dark after Amelia finished explaining. “What a greedy bastard. Wanting all the money without the work. And to give up his own child to do so.” Phoebe shook her head. “Wasn’t he taught to work as a child?”
  Amelia tried not to laugh. Her father, work? It was a laughable topic, it would take a miracle for that to happen.
  Silence filled the room. Amelia fidgeted, while Phoebe was deep in thought.

  “Amelia, can I tell you something? I haven't told anyone before, but I'd like just one person, at least, to know my story.”
  Sitting forward, Amelia nodded eagarly.

  Phoebe and her older sister, Penelope grew up in the Veritas Kingdom, with their father, the blacksmith, and their mother. All four shared a bedroom above their fathers workshop, it was a tight squeeze, but none minded. They were a well off family, not rich, but not poor. The local knights kept Peter busy making new swords, and shields, and once in a while, new armour.
  Phoebe was always running off to play with other children, while Penelope stayed home and ran errands for their parents. As the older sister, Penelope felt the job fell to her, and was proud of that. It stayed this way until the girls were young adults.

  The newly crowned king, Albert, son of the late king Edmund the Great, needed a wife before he could properly take the throne.
  While roaming the town square, he caught sight of Penelope. Almost right away, he fell in love with her blue eyes, and blonde hair and her charming personality. They married soon after.
  They weren't married long before Penelope announced she was pregnant. Both the king and queen were overjoyed, while Phoebe was just excited to be an aunt.

  Everything was great.
  Until Penelope went into labour. Since men were not allowed in the chamber, he charged Phoebe to stay with Penelope until the child was born.

  It was nearly forty-eight hours later when Penelope gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. Penelope lived long enough to name the children -Edward, and Gwenhwyfar- and to tell Phoebe she loved her.

  Albert was devastated. He fell into a depression that never fully left him. For weeks, he locked himself in his study.
  By then Phoebe had moved into the castle, to serve as a nanny to the twins. In her spare time, she started studying witchcraft, hoping to find a way to bring back her sister.
  After finding something that looked promising, Phoebe hurried to find Albert. When she found him, in his study of course, he was kissing a strange girl. Someone who didn't look right.
  Having heard the door open, Albert stopped kissing her, and looked at Phoebe with a guilty look before looking back at the girl.
  “Please, Cassandra, bring my wife back.”

Short chapter, I know. But that's cause I decided that a cliffhanger (lame one) was better then having the entire story in one post.
Also, I was going to use Sims Medieval for Phoebe's story, but when thinking about it, I figured it would take too much effort on my part to get everyone where I wanted them for photos. So using Sims 3 was easier (Once I found all the necessary custom content to get the look I wanted. xD). Not to mention that my computer would have a huge hissy fit if I tried. I only just managed to take the last picture before it crashed. :P

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  1. I'm really interested in Phoebe's story and how it's going to intersect with Amelia's. Hoping to find out what Cassandra wants with Amelia too.