Friday, 13 July 2012

Prologue - Luck isn't on her Side

  One could say that Amelia was one very unlucky girl. Or one could argue that she was lucky. That she should be happy she was arrested, to be kept away from all the law abiding citizens. That she was guilty, that she deserved everything coming to her.


  Laying on the bed in her cell, Amelia sighed, and began counting the squares on the ceiling again. Bail had been posted for her, but her parents had refused to pay it, they at least paid a visit a few days later to tell her why. Thinking about it made Amelia feel bad for her parents. They'd spent their lives raising her, hoping that she'd be the one to carry on the family name, and that responsibility now fell to her younger sister. Thinking about the visit, Amelia wondered if she could have done anything differently. Probably not.

  Amelia watched with suspicious eyes when her mother and father walked into the visitor side. Her mother had clearly been crying, the tear tracks making a slight discolouration through her make-up. For once, she hadn't taken the time to fix herself to look perfect for everyone. Probably trying to play the sympathy card, thought Amelia with a snort.
  Her father looked stern. Using the face he always did when Amelia was a child, so she knew she was in trouble. He didn't bother sitting down, and stopped Amelia's mother when she tried to sit. In a hard voice he informed Amelia that she was being disowned from the family, and her share of the inheritance would be going to Emily. Emily was also forbidden to see her, and Amelia wasn't allowed within a hundred feet of the teenager.
  That one hurt Amelia, and it showed on her face if the smug look her father now held had any clue. Emily was her baby sister. The one who always looked up to her, who always came to her with problems. They were very close.
  Without a goodbye, her parents left, leaving Amelia to stare the the table, unable to believe what she heard.

  Not too long ago, someone had informed Amelia that once the evidence came in, they'd know if she could leave or not. If not, then a trial date would be set, and she'd be moved to more secure lodgings. Amelia kept quiet, knowing that they wouldn't listen if she repeated that she didn't do anything.
She knew that it looked overwhelming against her. Of course, no one believed why she went out in the first place. Sims didn't just decide to kill themselves the night of their graduation.
Being found with a gun in her hand, blood dripping down her arms, and near the body were not very helpful.

  The day before evidence came in, luck decided to change sides. Amelia was woken to the sound of her cell door opening. The officer in charge was watching her grinned and handed Amelia her clothes.
  “Your bail was night. You're free. Evidence came in as well, you're innocent. So your bail was changed. It is illegal to have a gun when not in law enforcement.”
  Amelia smiled gratefully. “Thank you.” Taking her clothes, Amelia headed to the bathroom to take a needed shower, and get dressed.
When she was led from the building, she found an old familiar face waiting for her.

  Andrew Saffron. He had been offcially known as the smartest kid in Riverview. Everyone wanted to be his 'friend' for homework help. Amelia had been just behind him in grades. She used to have a huge crush on him in high school, and as she found out, her crush was still active. Seeing him sent jitters through her body.
  Andy smiled, making Amelia practically melt in place. His blue eyes held a degree of concern as he looked her over. Amelia was thin, thinner than she should have been, she had bags under her eyes, and looked visibly tired. “Mia, you look terrible.” The nickname surprisingly hurt Amelia a little. It was something Andy had started after declaring the two friends.
  Amelia let out a harsh laugh, for two reasons. She'd realized that Andy was always just going to be her friend, and because of what he'd said. “You would too if you spent time in jail.”
  With a grimace, Andy looked down at his feet before changing the subject. “They cleared your name. The captain kept coming up with reasons to keep you. Eventually he stuck the having a gun is illegal to you, so I paid the bail.”
  “Thanks, I owe you.”

  Andy shuffled his feet, then looked at Amelia. “I know how you can pay me back.”
  Amelia waited for him to continue. Whatever it was, she would do it.
  After a long pause, he continued. “Move with me to Lucky Palms?”
  That caught Amelia off guard. It wasn't what she was expecting. But it would work. She didn't want to stay in Riverview, everyone thought she'd been the one to murder everyone, and she had no money thanks to her father. A moment later she had her answer.


  1. Wow, what a great intro! It leaves a lot of questions that I would love to see answered.

  2. That's a really interesting intro! I'm really curious about what will happen next. Looking forward to read the next chapter!