Wednesday, 29 August 2012

2.2 - Little Bundle of Joy (Or Two)

The police looked annoyed that they were even given this job. A tip had been received at the station, and the chief immediately sent the only two officers on duty to carry out orders.
An elderly man in Eltham's Drift had put out a missing persons report for a young woman, Brenna Saffron, he was begging for her to come back home, so they could be a family again. Eltham's Drift was on the other side of Sim Nation from Dragon Falls, and Brenna much preferred the sun here, rather then the constant drizzle of rain from her hometown.

  "Why won't you go back, it's your father? And we're even offering to pay your ticket for you," Officer Aimee Bloom was less than impressed when Brenna said she wouldn't be going back to her father.
  Brenna just shrugged, and waited until the two left. She had no reason to go back to her grief-stricken father. Too many bad memories resided in that tiny town.

  Christian gave Brenna a massage, helping out her sore back, and giving her a little chance to relax. He asked no questions about Brenna's past. He hadn't even asked who the father was of the child she was currently carrying. All in all, Christian deemed it wasn't his business, and just looked towards the future. The police showing up had startled him a little, and had him thinking that maybe Brenna wasn't the sort he should end up liking. But when her father was the topic, Christian calmed down, and went back to the toilet he was fixing.

  In the final weeks of her pregnancy, Brenna tried to start fishing, using the pond in her backyard, but found there was nothing there. It disappointed her, since she'd wanted to catch a fish to make sushi with. But the only thing it did was help frustrate her. And end up sending her into labour.

  Christian called a taxi to take them to the hospital, and remained by Brenna's side the entire time. He helped suggest a name for the baby, and was happy that Brenna took the name - mostly because her name was terrible, and was thus moved from the baby's first name to her middle name.

So, little Karla Ocean Saffron was born.

It did not take long for Karla to age up into a toddler, and it made Brenna sad, to see her little bundle of joy already getting bigger.

  Though, she was glad that she could now teach her baby to talk, no more of those annoying baby words that Karla seemed to like.
  The first word that Karla managed to say without prompt, was 'dada', to Christian. Brenna was scared that the toddler would scare him off, but instead Christian smiled at her and nodded.

  Each night, after Karla was put to bed, Brenna and Christian made great use of her private shower. Brenna was hoping that this wouldn't change, she figured that maybe having another man around would keep Julian from doing anything stupid. However, she was not expecting Christian to call her one morning and tell her that he'd be gone for a few years. A top secret mission with the military, he'd said. Something about MorcuCorp, but that was all he was allowed to say.

Instead was wasting her time missing Christian, Brenna set herself to the tast of teaching her daughter everything. The tot had already learned to talk, walk, and was potty trained. Next, Brenna attempted to get her used to swimming too, but that was a no-go.
She wanted to spend a lot of time with Karla, before the toddler realized that mommy was getting fat, and there'd soon be a second child in the house.

Karla much preferred the seahorse ride that she had. Though, she would even more prefer to be inside, playing with the toy that mommy didn't like.

It wasn't too much longer that Brenna had to wait before she had her second child. Since she didn't want to call a babysitter, she had a home birth. Something she swore she'd never do, ever again. 

This time, she already had a name picked out. A name that Christian said was his favourite name for a little girl. Oriana Grace Saffron was then born.

Never, am I ever leaving free will on again. I tried to just let my sims do as they please, and then take pictures with a few with poses thrown in. I completely missed when Brenna got pregnant, and only found out after she was in maternity clothes. From now on, I'm planning all my photos. :P
I missed half the things I should have had pictures for.
Also, the heir will be Karla. Though Oriana will certainly be sticking close to home.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

2.1 - The Best Day

Life was turning out very uninteresting and tedious for Brenna. Though she had, thus far, treated her living situation as camping, she was beginning to hate it. The sleeping on the hard ground, the bugs that bit her at night, and the spiders that decided her tent was the perfect home.
Her job wasn't going much better. Her new boss, Julian Sumner was a complete asshole. She was the only female working at the diner, and Julian was making things very hard on her. She got some of the hardest jobs, and she couldn't refuse them, since it was technically her job to do those things.
The worst of it was when Julian called her into his office after work. Julian had a wife, Bridget, who was currently pregnant with their first child. Julian doubted that he was actually the father, and ranted on about the mailman coming far too often for it to be normal. Brenna highly doubted that Bridget cheated with the mailman, Julian was just far too paranoid for his own good.

Then there was the day that he promised her a promotion. The only requirement. To 'please' him whenever he deemed it necessary. Which turned out to be often. So, it was no surprise to Brenna when she learned she was pregnant.

What did worry her was her living situation. After a few hours of thinking over her options, Brenna turned her to her least favourite option. A loan. The loan did allow her enough money to build what the architect deemed a beach style house (Brenna just liked how the bottom was on stilts). She went to used furniture stores to et all her furniture, which made for a very ugly looking house. Brenna liked none of the colours, and couldn't wait to pay back her loan so she could begin saving money to redo the colours.

In the following days that she learned of her pregnancy, she called Julian, arranging to meet him at the pool, a local place, where Brenna was sure Julian would do nothing to her.
The moment she told him, he began yelling at her. She wasn't to tell anyone of what happened after hours, and the baby was most certainly not his, and he said he'd lie to the police if she tried to get anything out of him.

Truthfully, Brenna was happy for his reaction. It meant that Julian would not try to take her baby away from her. And while she never imagined having a baby, never wanted one, she couldn't help but be excited anyway.

It was while lounging at the pool when she met someone else who was going to become very important to her.
He was new to town, and lived just behind the pool. He worked in the military, and was going through training at the time.
His name was Christian Arnolds. And Brenna melted at the sight of him.

They spent a few afternoons at the pool together before Christian asked her out.
“Brenna, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?”
Brenna smiled at the nervous wreck before her. He looked adorable when he was nervous, though, instead of letting him stand in front of her like a scared little boy, she accepted his offer.

  Though, when they met back up at the pool, both dressed in formal wear (though Brenna's dress would better fit a carnival then formal), they ended up walking a couple blocks to a local club. First, the sat out side, watching the stars, and Brenna enjoyed making Christian flounder for words when she held his hand.

  Inside, Brenna ordered shrimp, while Christian just got a drink, something Brenna would love to have, but couldn't due to her pregnancy.
  "I hate seafood," Brenna remarked around a bit of shrimp.
  "Then why'd you order it?"
  Brenna gave Christian a funny look before gesturing to her tummy before shoving another piece of shrimp in her mouth.

  The last bit of their night involved dancing. The music was crap, and there was only the bartender around, but Brenna chalked it up to be her best date pretty much ever. After her mother went missing, her father put a huge limit on what she was allowed to do.

  Christian became a regular fixture at Brenna's house, mostly they say outside at the table and spoke about random things, and other times they cuddled on the bench.
  What was not expected to happen came as a huge shock to both.

Friday, 24 August 2012

2.0 - Spread Your Wings and Fly Away

  The cost of the boat to Dragon Falls, and the cost of the plot of land she bought, left Brenna with nearly nothing. She was able to buy a small tent, and a fire pit, and that was the end of her money. She probably should have been a bit smarter with her money, but for once, she didn't care.
  Though she missed having four walls and roof, she consoled herself with the thought of she was going on an adventure, complete with a tent, and barely eating enough to keep her alive.

   The first thing Brenna did was wander around, looking for somewhere she could work. The local diner, Koffi Cafe, had a help wanted sign in their front window. Cooking had never occured to Brenna as a possible career choice, she wasn't much good at cooking. Though that didn't matter, since she started with the job of dishwasher, and was told to brush up on cooking skills, and she may end up with a promotion.
  A disgruntled Brenna left the diner, now left to wander around to find the library.

   It didn't take too long to find the library, and Brenna sat down to read a cook book, and eventually decided to borrow the book, and finish reading it everyday before her shift began.
   Her dinner was a few marshmallows she roasted over her firepit. She wouldn't eat again until work the next day. It's just another adventure, she'd tell herself. Just like out of all the books she read as a child.

  At night, she wandered around the junk yard, hoping to find something that she could take back with her, so she wouldn't have to worry about buying furniture when she could finally afford to build a tiny shack.

  Her routine slowly started taking shape. In the mornings, she'd shower and use the  toilet at the local pool, then make tofu dogs for anyone there to enjoy with her. Then, she'd sit down and read some before rushing off to work.
  Her only thought was hope that things would begin to look up soon.

I'm' just treating this as a prologue to the second generation.
If you read the forum, you'd know that I accidentally deleted all my save files. I did save Brenna in my sim bin on the day she turned in to a toddler, which is the only reason this legacy is going on. I'm making it my goal to finish this one, cause I'm terrible with sticking with something until it's done.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

1.7 - Five Hundred Years

  Five hundred years passed rather quickly. Phoebe had kept an eye on her sister's family after a century of being with Cassandra. She had no idea what happened to Gwen, or Edward. However, the surname her family adopted was rather uncommon in Sim Nation, and she was able to locate the family living in Riverview.
  The head of the family at the time was a very strict, and scary, woman by the name of Allyson. She had two sons, toddlers, when Phoebe met them.
  It was also the home where she found someone she was not expecting to see ever again. Gwen had changed, a lot. She was a young adult now, and guaranteed to stay that way unless she spent more then ten minutes in the sun, or someone put a stake through her heart.

  “Tell me, what happened to you and Ed after I left,” Phoebe requested when the two sat down to talk.
  Gwen obliged. “Things continued normally for the most part. Townspeople cursed your name, calling you names, things I won't repeat. On Ed's eighteenth birthday, he was married to the princess of a neighbouring country. It was part of an arranged marriage that Arthur set up. Against Ed's will.
  “Despite not liking her at all – the bitch – they had a little boy, William. When Will turned three, Ed had gotten back late, he was in the throne room, dealing with a knight who had gone rogue and was caught, and she poisoned him. Belladonna berries.
  “I ran away after that, I was scared that I was to be next, and I didn't want to die. One night, I spent in an old cave, I didn't realize the cave was already someone's home. A vampire attacked me, but he must have recognized me, cause he said my name and laughed just before turning me. It was terrible at first, but it's not so bad now. I get to stick around and protect my family.”

  That night, Phoebe sat outside on the porch by herself. She was thinking, about a lot of things. The future, the past. The 'what-if' game.
  What if she hadn't made that deal with Cassandra?
  Would Edward still have been forced into an arranged marriage just to be murdered by the bride years down the road?
  Would Gwen have run away just to end up being bitten and losing her life to immortality?
  But, if Phoebe hadn't made that deal, would Gwen even survive that night?
  Questions she'd never get answers to.

  “I'm leaving in a couple hours.”
  Phoebe was standing outside the house her niece had taken refuge in. It was morning, and it was dangerous  for Gwen to be outside long.
  “I understand, you need to reestablish your place in this world. I'll be waiting for you to come back,” Gwen pasted a fake smile on her face, hoping that Phoebe wouldn't notice how forced it was.
  Phoebe had nodded sadly at her, before turning to walk to the train station.
  Once out of sight, Gwen allowed the smile to drop, and to allow her tears to fall. She'd just gotten her aunt back, and then she had to leave. Life wasn't fair.

  Trains were the new way to travel. Much faster then horse.
  Looking out the window, Phoebe couldn't help but miss the leisurely was of travel by horse. The train seemed to rush, no time to look at nature.
  Everything in Sim Nation was progressing too quickly for Phoebe to keep up. She missed the simple times of her childhood.
  Her life was too long. Unnatural long due to her own folly. Phoebe wasn't sure how much longer she could stand. One thing was for sure, the next time a member of her family got entangled with Cassandra. Phoebe was going to have a plan to rid her family of Cassandra forever.
  That was a promise.

Due to my computer overheating, my save corrupted,so instead of getting some insight to the five hundred years that Phoebe spent with Cassandra, you get the aftermath. And a tiny chapter. The next one will be longer, but you probably won't like it,

Thursday, 2 August 2012

1.6 - Mistake

   “What do you give in return for your wife?”
   “My own life,” Albert answered immediately.
   Phoebe stepped forward, her hand raised in a failed attempt to stop him.
   “Very well. It is done.”
   Before either Phoebe or Albert could react, Penelope appeared in the room. She was paler then she was before, more dull. “Albert?”
   “Penelope!” Albert looked overjoyed.
   With a sad shake of her head, she whispered. “I am not the real thing. Only a copy. The dead do not come back to life, Albert. As it is, my life is now tied to yours. When you die, I will as well.”
The previous look of joy turned to horror. What had he done? Albert looked at Cassandra.
   “Your payment is due.”
   Albert clutched at his heart for a moment, before collapsing to the floor. The copy of Penelope faded away.

   Without thinking, Phoebe ran from the room. She hurried to the nursery, to see them. To feel just a tiny bit better.
   Ysmay, their full time nanny was teaching Edward to talk, while Gwen was playing with a wooden toy a knight carved for her.
   “Phoebe, is everything okay?”
   Tearing her eyes from the toddlers, Phoebe looked at Ysmay, and nodded her head. With another look at the twins, she leaned again the wall to watch them.

   Edward, free from Ysmay, crawled over to Gwen, in an attempt to steal her toy, and when she wouldn't give it to him, he turned to Ysmay with a pouting look on his face.
   Phoebe lost herself in her thoughts. Someone would be assigned regent for Edward, until he was old enough to rule on his own. It would probably be Arthur, the king's advisor. Though despite having a regent, Edward would still be king. The entire kingdom would be looking to a little boy.
   The residents of the castle would soon learn about the king's early death. And, frankly, Phoebe wanted to be in her room, sound asleep when it happened.

~Time Flies~Several years later~

   Yesterday had seen the birthday of the king, and the princess. They had taken a boat ride with several other children, children of lords and ladies Arthur thought would make good allies one day.
   Phoebe had argued the boat idea, saying it was not the proper season for trips down the river. Plus Gwen wouldn't be able to be out long, she had health problems that left her sick more often then not.
   However, Arthur wouldn't listen. He just continued with his plans, confident in the idea that everything would be fine, and go his way.
   A couple weeks later say a certain little princess confined to bed...

   The doctor had just left, after saying that he did not expect Gwen to get better from this sickness. It was this that had Phoebe make a huge decision.

   In the comfort of her own tiny closet/room, she drew a circle on the floor, and following out of a book, called Cassandra to her.
   “What is it now, silly human?”
   Quelling her fear, Phoebe forced her self to stop shaking and stand tall. “I want to make a bargain with you.”
   Cassandra looked at her with a bored look. “Speak.”
   “I want you to cure my niece of all ailments, and make myself immortal. In return, I will spend the next five centuries collecting souls for you.”
   Looking amused, Cassandra asked a question that Phoebe had hoped she wouldn't. “And what makes you think this bargain is fair?”
   “You're getting someone to do your dirty work for five hundred years. How isn't it? Please. I'll even beg if you want me to.”
   “Not necessary, though I wouldn't say no,” Cassandra smirked before adopting a thoughtful look. “Very well. I accept your bargain.”
   Phoebe wanted to sink to her knees in relief. Gwen would survive.
   “Beginning now.”

 Tiny chapter is tiny. 
I honestly hate this chapter, and I spent nearly four hours trying to write it. I ended up just leaving it like this since I couldn't make it better.