Thursday, 2 August 2012

1.6 - Mistake

   “What do you give in return for your wife?”
   “My own life,” Albert answered immediately.
   Phoebe stepped forward, her hand raised in a failed attempt to stop him.
   “Very well. It is done.”
   Before either Phoebe or Albert could react, Penelope appeared in the room. She was paler then she was before, more dull. “Albert?”
   “Penelope!” Albert looked overjoyed.
   With a sad shake of her head, she whispered. “I am not the real thing. Only a copy. The dead do not come back to life, Albert. As it is, my life is now tied to yours. When you die, I will as well.”
The previous look of joy turned to horror. What had he done? Albert looked at Cassandra.
   “Your payment is due.”
   Albert clutched at his heart for a moment, before collapsing to the floor. The copy of Penelope faded away.

   Without thinking, Phoebe ran from the room. She hurried to the nursery, to see them. To feel just a tiny bit better.
   Ysmay, their full time nanny was teaching Edward to talk, while Gwen was playing with a wooden toy a knight carved for her.
   “Phoebe, is everything okay?”
   Tearing her eyes from the toddlers, Phoebe looked at Ysmay, and nodded her head. With another look at the twins, she leaned again the wall to watch them.

   Edward, free from Ysmay, crawled over to Gwen, in an attempt to steal her toy, and when she wouldn't give it to him, he turned to Ysmay with a pouting look on his face.
   Phoebe lost herself in her thoughts. Someone would be assigned regent for Edward, until he was old enough to rule on his own. It would probably be Arthur, the king's advisor. Though despite having a regent, Edward would still be king. The entire kingdom would be looking to a little boy.
   The residents of the castle would soon learn about the king's early death. And, frankly, Phoebe wanted to be in her room, sound asleep when it happened.

~Time Flies~Several years later~

   Yesterday had seen the birthday of the king, and the princess. They had taken a boat ride with several other children, children of lords and ladies Arthur thought would make good allies one day.
   Phoebe had argued the boat idea, saying it was not the proper season for trips down the river. Plus Gwen wouldn't be able to be out long, she had health problems that left her sick more often then not.
   However, Arthur wouldn't listen. He just continued with his plans, confident in the idea that everything would be fine, and go his way.
   A couple weeks later say a certain little princess confined to bed...

   The doctor had just left, after saying that he did not expect Gwen to get better from this sickness. It was this that had Phoebe make a huge decision.

   In the comfort of her own tiny closet/room, she drew a circle on the floor, and following out of a book, called Cassandra to her.
   “What is it now, silly human?”
   Quelling her fear, Phoebe forced her self to stop shaking and stand tall. “I want to make a bargain with you.”
   Cassandra looked at her with a bored look. “Speak.”
   “I want you to cure my niece of all ailments, and make myself immortal. In return, I will spend the next five centuries collecting souls for you.”
   Looking amused, Cassandra asked a question that Phoebe had hoped she wouldn't. “And what makes you think this bargain is fair?”
   “You're getting someone to do your dirty work for five hundred years. How isn't it? Please. I'll even beg if you want me to.”
   “Not necessary, though I wouldn't say no,” Cassandra smirked before adopting a thoughtful look. “Very well. I accept your bargain.”
   Phoebe wanted to sink to her knees in relief. Gwen would survive.
   “Beginning now.”

 Tiny chapter is tiny. 
I honestly hate this chapter, and I spent nearly four hours trying to write it. I ended up just leaving it like this since I couldn't make it better.


  1. Well, regardless of your feelings, I want to find out what happens next. ;D

  2. Wow! I wasn't expecting that! Can't wait to see what happens next