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1.7 - Five Hundred Years

  Five hundred years passed rather quickly. Phoebe had kept an eye on her sister's family after a century of being with Cassandra. She had no idea what happened to Gwen, or Edward. However, the surname her family adopted was rather uncommon in Sim Nation, and she was able to locate the family living in Riverview.
  The head of the family at the time was a very strict, and scary, woman by the name of Allyson. She had two sons, toddlers, when Phoebe met them.
  It was also the home where she found someone she was not expecting to see ever again. Gwen had changed, a lot. She was a young adult now, and guaranteed to stay that way unless she spent more then ten minutes in the sun, or someone put a stake through her heart.

  “Tell me, what happened to you and Ed after I left,” Phoebe requested when the two sat down to talk.
  Gwen obliged. “Things continued normally for the most part. Townspeople cursed your name, calling you names, things I won't repeat. On Ed's eighteenth birthday, he was married to the princess of a neighbouring country. It was part of an arranged marriage that Arthur set up. Against Ed's will.
  “Despite not liking her at all – the bitch – they had a little boy, William. When Will turned three, Ed had gotten back late, he was in the throne room, dealing with a knight who had gone rogue and was caught, and she poisoned him. Belladonna berries.
  “I ran away after that, I was scared that I was to be next, and I didn't want to die. One night, I spent in an old cave, I didn't realize the cave was already someone's home. A vampire attacked me, but he must have recognized me, cause he said my name and laughed just before turning me. It was terrible at first, but it's not so bad now. I get to stick around and protect my family.”

  That night, Phoebe sat outside on the porch by herself. She was thinking, about a lot of things. The future, the past. The 'what-if' game.
  What if she hadn't made that deal with Cassandra?
  Would Edward still have been forced into an arranged marriage just to be murdered by the bride years down the road?
  Would Gwen have run away just to end up being bitten and losing her life to immortality?
  But, if Phoebe hadn't made that deal, would Gwen even survive that night?
  Questions she'd never get answers to.

  “I'm leaving in a couple hours.”
  Phoebe was standing outside the house her niece had taken refuge in. It was morning, and it was dangerous  for Gwen to be outside long.
  “I understand, you need to reestablish your place in this world. I'll be waiting for you to come back,” Gwen pasted a fake smile on her face, hoping that Phoebe wouldn't notice how forced it was.
  Phoebe had nodded sadly at her, before turning to walk to the train station.
  Once out of sight, Gwen allowed the smile to drop, and to allow her tears to fall. She'd just gotten her aunt back, and then she had to leave. Life wasn't fair.

  Trains were the new way to travel. Much faster then horse.
  Looking out the window, Phoebe couldn't help but miss the leisurely was of travel by horse. The train seemed to rush, no time to look at nature.
  Everything in Sim Nation was progressing too quickly for Phoebe to keep up. She missed the simple times of her childhood.
  Her life was too long. Unnatural long due to her own folly. Phoebe wasn't sure how much longer she could stand. One thing was for sure, the next time a member of her family got entangled with Cassandra. Phoebe was going to have a plan to rid her family of Cassandra forever.
  That was a promise.

Due to my computer overheating, my save corrupted,so instead of getting some insight to the five hundred years that Phoebe spent with Cassandra, you get the aftermath. And a tiny chapter. The next one will be longer, but you probably won't like it,

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