Friday, 24 August 2012

2.0 - Spread Your Wings and Fly Away

  The cost of the boat to Dragon Falls, and the cost of the plot of land she bought, left Brenna with nearly nothing. She was able to buy a small tent, and a fire pit, and that was the end of her money. She probably should have been a bit smarter with her money, but for once, she didn't care.
  Though she missed having four walls and roof, she consoled herself with the thought of she was going on an adventure, complete with a tent, and barely eating enough to keep her alive.

   The first thing Brenna did was wander around, looking for somewhere she could work. The local diner, Koffi Cafe, had a help wanted sign in their front window. Cooking had never occured to Brenna as a possible career choice, she wasn't much good at cooking. Though that didn't matter, since she started with the job of dishwasher, and was told to brush up on cooking skills, and she may end up with a promotion.
  A disgruntled Brenna left the diner, now left to wander around to find the library.

   It didn't take too long to find the library, and Brenna sat down to read a cook book, and eventually decided to borrow the book, and finish reading it everyday before her shift began.
   Her dinner was a few marshmallows she roasted over her firepit. She wouldn't eat again until work the next day. It's just another adventure, she'd tell herself. Just like out of all the books she read as a child.

  At night, she wandered around the junk yard, hoping to find something that she could take back with her, so she wouldn't have to worry about buying furniture when she could finally afford to build a tiny shack.

  Her routine slowly started taking shape. In the mornings, she'd shower and use the  toilet at the local pool, then make tofu dogs for anyone there to enjoy with her. Then, she'd sit down and read some before rushing off to work.
  Her only thought was hope that things would begin to look up soon.

I'm' just treating this as a prologue to the second generation.
If you read the forum, you'd know that I accidentally deleted all my save files. I did save Brenna in my sim bin on the day she turned in to a toddler, which is the only reason this legacy is going on. I'm making it my goal to finish this one, cause I'm terrible with sticking with something until it's done.

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