Tuesday, 28 August 2012

2.1 - The Best Day

Life was turning out very uninteresting and tedious for Brenna. Though she had, thus far, treated her living situation as camping, she was beginning to hate it. The sleeping on the hard ground, the bugs that bit her at night, and the spiders that decided her tent was the perfect home.
Her job wasn't going much better. Her new boss, Julian Sumner was a complete asshole. She was the only female working at the diner, and Julian was making things very hard on her. She got some of the hardest jobs, and she couldn't refuse them, since it was technically her job to do those things.
The worst of it was when Julian called her into his office after work. Julian had a wife, Bridget, who was currently pregnant with their first child. Julian doubted that he was actually the father, and ranted on about the mailman coming far too often for it to be normal. Brenna highly doubted that Bridget cheated with the mailman, Julian was just far too paranoid for his own good.

Then there was the day that he promised her a promotion. The only requirement. To 'please' him whenever he deemed it necessary. Which turned out to be often. So, it was no surprise to Brenna when she learned she was pregnant.

What did worry her was her living situation. After a few hours of thinking over her options, Brenna turned her to her least favourite option. A loan. The loan did allow her enough money to build what the architect deemed a beach style house (Brenna just liked how the bottom was on stilts). She went to used furniture stores to et all her furniture, which made for a very ugly looking house. Brenna liked none of the colours, and couldn't wait to pay back her loan so she could begin saving money to redo the colours.

In the following days that she learned of her pregnancy, she called Julian, arranging to meet him at the pool, a local place, where Brenna was sure Julian would do nothing to her.
The moment she told him, he began yelling at her. She wasn't to tell anyone of what happened after hours, and the baby was most certainly not his, and he said he'd lie to the police if she tried to get anything out of him.

Truthfully, Brenna was happy for his reaction. It meant that Julian would not try to take her baby away from her. And while she never imagined having a baby, never wanted one, she couldn't help but be excited anyway.

It was while lounging at the pool when she met someone else who was going to become very important to her.
He was new to town, and lived just behind the pool. He worked in the military, and was going through training at the time.
His name was Christian Arnolds. And Brenna melted at the sight of him.

They spent a few afternoons at the pool together before Christian asked her out.
“Brenna, would you like to go out for dinner tonight?”
Brenna smiled at the nervous wreck before her. He looked adorable when he was nervous, though, instead of letting him stand in front of her like a scared little boy, she accepted his offer.

  Though, when they met back up at the pool, both dressed in formal wear (though Brenna's dress would better fit a carnival then formal), they ended up walking a couple blocks to a local club. First, the sat out side, watching the stars, and Brenna enjoyed making Christian flounder for words when she held his hand.

  Inside, Brenna ordered shrimp, while Christian just got a drink, something Brenna would love to have, but couldn't due to her pregnancy.
  "I hate seafood," Brenna remarked around a bit of shrimp.
  "Then why'd you order it?"
  Brenna gave Christian a funny look before gesturing to her tummy before shoving another piece of shrimp in her mouth.

  The last bit of their night involved dancing. The music was crap, and there was only the bartender around, but Brenna chalked it up to be her best date pretty much ever. After her mother went missing, her father put a huge limit on what she was allowed to do.

  Christian became a regular fixture at Brenna's house, mostly they say outside at the table and spoke about random things, and other times they cuddled on the bench.
  What was not expected to happen came as a huge shock to both.


  1. Ok, Julian is a total and utter toerag and I hope lots of nasty things happen to him.

    1. He'll get what's coming to him. Eventually.