Wednesday, 29 August 2012

2.2 - Little Bundle of Joy (Or Two)

The police looked annoyed that they were even given this job. A tip had been received at the station, and the chief immediately sent the only two officers on duty to carry out orders.
An elderly man in Eltham's Drift had put out a missing persons report for a young woman, Brenna Saffron, he was begging for her to come back home, so they could be a family again. Eltham's Drift was on the other side of Sim Nation from Dragon Falls, and Brenna much preferred the sun here, rather then the constant drizzle of rain from her hometown.

  "Why won't you go back, it's your father? And we're even offering to pay your ticket for you," Officer Aimee Bloom was less than impressed when Brenna said she wouldn't be going back to her father.
  Brenna just shrugged, and waited until the two left. She had no reason to go back to her grief-stricken father. Too many bad memories resided in that tiny town.

  Christian gave Brenna a massage, helping out her sore back, and giving her a little chance to relax. He asked no questions about Brenna's past. He hadn't even asked who the father was of the child she was currently carrying. All in all, Christian deemed it wasn't his business, and just looked towards the future. The police showing up had startled him a little, and had him thinking that maybe Brenna wasn't the sort he should end up liking. But when her father was the topic, Christian calmed down, and went back to the toilet he was fixing.

  In the final weeks of her pregnancy, Brenna tried to start fishing, using the pond in her backyard, but found there was nothing there. It disappointed her, since she'd wanted to catch a fish to make sushi with. But the only thing it did was help frustrate her. And end up sending her into labour.

  Christian called a taxi to take them to the hospital, and remained by Brenna's side the entire time. He helped suggest a name for the baby, and was happy that Brenna took the name - mostly because her name was terrible, and was thus moved from the baby's first name to her middle name.

So, little Karla Ocean Saffron was born.

It did not take long for Karla to age up into a toddler, and it made Brenna sad, to see her little bundle of joy already getting bigger.

  Though, she was glad that she could now teach her baby to talk, no more of those annoying baby words that Karla seemed to like.
  The first word that Karla managed to say without prompt, was 'dada', to Christian. Brenna was scared that the toddler would scare him off, but instead Christian smiled at her and nodded.

  Each night, after Karla was put to bed, Brenna and Christian made great use of her private shower. Brenna was hoping that this wouldn't change, she figured that maybe having another man around would keep Julian from doing anything stupid. However, she was not expecting Christian to call her one morning and tell her that he'd be gone for a few years. A top secret mission with the military, he'd said. Something about MorcuCorp, but that was all he was allowed to say.

Instead was wasting her time missing Christian, Brenna set herself to the tast of teaching her daughter everything. The tot had already learned to talk, walk, and was potty trained. Next, Brenna attempted to get her used to swimming too, but that was a no-go.
She wanted to spend a lot of time with Karla, before the toddler realized that mommy was getting fat, and there'd soon be a second child in the house.

Karla much preferred the seahorse ride that she had. Though, she would even more prefer to be inside, playing with the toy that mommy didn't like.

It wasn't too much longer that Brenna had to wait before she had her second child. Since she didn't want to call a babysitter, she had a home birth. Something she swore she'd never do, ever again. 

This time, she already had a name picked out. A name that Christian said was his favourite name for a little girl. Oriana Grace Saffron was then born.

Never, am I ever leaving free will on again. I tried to just let my sims do as they please, and then take pictures with a few with poses thrown in. I completely missed when Brenna got pregnant, and only found out after she was in maternity clothes. From now on, I'm planning all my photos. :P
I missed half the things I should have had pictures for.
Also, the heir will be Karla. Though Oriana will certainly be sticking close to home.

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  1. Christian is so sweet and I'm very sad that he can't be around for the next few years for Brenna and the children :(