Thursday, 27 September 2012

3.0 - Beginning Again

  In the days before Karla's birthday, she convinced Oriana to help bring the twins to the park to play. They didn't do much, neither of the girls had fun, since they could only play on the spring riders.

  Once again, an early morning birthday. Karla took great care in what she was wishing for. It wasn't going to be anything silly like it had been before. This one was important to her.

  Her wish came true.
  Gabriel came over just after they had eaten cake. The first thing he did was ask Karla to marry him. She said yes, and almost choked him to death with her hug.
  After that, while Brenna was at work, Oriana at Clara's, and the twins asleep, they sat down and talked.
  "Karla, if I asked, would you move away from here with me?"
  "How come?"
  "Just... I'm tired of Autumn Falls. This is the place we were forced to after what happened in Dragon Falls. My father owns a property on a tiny island not too far from here. He said it's mine if I wish. And I'd like to go. Make my own place in Sim Nation."
  Karla stared at the wall for a few minutes before coming to a conclusion. "On two conditions. First, we get married before we go. And second, my family comes if they wish."
  Gabriel readily agreed.

  They got married that night, after spending the day packing, after Brenna and Oriana wished to go. Oriana also asked if Clara could go as well. No one minded.

  There was a house already built on the property. Karla hated it immediately. It was a box, with too much room. To make her happy again, Gabriel said he'd call someone to come out, find out what she wanted, and begin building a house a little further back. When it was finished, this one would be demolished.
  That made Karla agree to the idea.

  There was a little in-law building way in the back. Brenna quickly fell in love with the little place. It would allow her to have her own space, and still be close to her family.

  Clara was happy to be away from Autumn Falls. She'd been adopted as a child, but couldn't stand the man she was suppose to call father. Though she never told anyone, he worked for a top secret company, and sometimes used Clara as a test subject. She was hoping that the company wouldn't find her out on a tiny island that wasn't on a map.
  She loved writing, and spent her time at the library, escaping the full house, and the two annoying brats that were Karla's kids. At least, she thought she was spending her time writing, every time she opened her data stick, it was empty. It made her wonder where she was saving her so called stories that she could vaguely recall.

  Gabriel took great pride in teaching his daughters to talk, much better then their baby talk.
  "One day, gramma will teach you to cook, and you can cook daddy's favourite foods. How does that sound, Saorise?"
  "No, not cookies.."
  "Cookie, dada, cookie."
  No arguing with a toddler.

  During the twins nap, Karla pulled Gabriel aside. "Gabe... I'm pregnant..."
  "Really?" he sounded excited.
  Karla nodded.
  Giving her a hug, Gabriel said the words that Karla had wanted to hear. "I'm going to do it right this time. I'll be here every step of the way."

   The local pool. A place that Karla would never go again. Gabriel received a call from someone, asking to meet them there. Curious, he agreed. They had a few drinks, enough that Gabriel was unsteady, slurring words... With one small 'mistep', the stranger knocked Gabriel into the pool, where he hit his head on the side before slipping down in the water, breathing the water in.
  The stranger was no where to be seen.

  Karla had followed, thinking it suspicious that someone would randomly call Gabe there. Unfortunately, she got lost, and arrived too late.
  While Grim was floating closer every second, Karla began to cry, unable to stop Grim from taking her husband.

  Back at home, Karla fell into the arms of the first person she saw. While her and Clara were not good friends, Clara couldn't push the older woman away. Not when she needed help with her own issue. However, it would wait. Grieving for Gabriel would come first.

I'm hoping that with an even smaller would, lag won't be as bad.
One of my families suddenly got really glitchy, Gabriel's. I couldn't go past the house they lived in, or invite Gabe over, so I took them out, and replaced them, added Gabe to my family, and aged him up. Then saved them and moved them.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2.7 - Safe and Sound

 It doesn't take long for Karla to discover why she was puking all night. She knows that she needs to tell her mom about the pregnancy, but she's scared of her mom will react to it. 

  Unfortunately, Karla doesn't get a chance to tell Brenna. She goes running to the bathroom to throw up yet again. Brenna asks Oriana what's wrong with Karla. Without thinking, Oriana tells her. Brenna just sighs before standing up. She'd never sat down and told her kids about consequences of their actions. It was something she figured they would understand right away.
  Apparently not.

  When Karla leaves the bathroom, Brenna wraps her daughter in a hug. It takes several minutes before either let go.
  "We'll get through this sweetie. Don't worry."

Karla asks Oriana who told mom about the baby. Oriana says she did. But mom was going to find out regardless, so Karla should save her breath gettting mad.

  Karla calls Gabriel, inviting him over to the house. She doesn't let him inside, instead, telling him about her pregnancy outside, where he can run away faster.
  "Is it mine?" he asks.
  Karla rolls her eyes. "Well duh."
  Staring at the ground, Gabriel mutters. "I'll help. It's my baby too, I won't abandon you. When we graduate high school, I'll even marry you."

  When Gabriel leaves, Karla sits in the rocking chair her mother bought, thinking about what Gabe had said. Did she want to get married to him after high school? For her child, she would. Her child would have a normal family. A mom and a dad, and the aunt who lives on the other side of town who spoils the child.

  Time goes by quickly. Karla is surprised by how much energy is drained just by doing something simple. She sits all day long in class, but is still exhausted when she gets home. Enough to take a nap nearly everyday before homework.

  And her exhaustion is just going to get worse.
  "Time to go to the hospital."
  Karla just wants this over with. She vows to never have another child after this one. Too much pain for her to handle.

  Instead of just one baby, Karla got a surprise. Twins! Both girls. She has no clue what to name them, so she tells Oriana to name one, while she picks something random.
  Saorise Joelle (left) and Faylinn Lisette (right).

  Karla calls Gabriel to tell him about the birth of the twins. He promises to come visit them soon. But he doesn't get a chance to see them as babies. His parents were mad at him for getting a girl pregnant, and he's practically on house arrest now.

  Brenna takes great joy in playing with her grandkids. Of course, she was hoping that she'd be old before she got any, but she doesn't mind too much... they're too cute to wish them to not be there.

  While her mother plays with Saorise, Karla rocks Faylinn to sleep. The twins are vastly different. While Faylinn wants to sleep, all Saorise wants is attention. 

   Oriana spends less time at home now that the babies are there. She doesn't want to become a babysitter for them. So she spends her time at Clara's. The two are very close, and Oriana can't help but think that her best friend is cute.  Though when she starts thinking about kissing the other girl, she immediately stops thinking. She doesn't want to be labeled a weird for liking a girl.

  Soon, it's the twins birthday. Karla is happy that she'll get ot play with them now, but isn't looking forward to teach them how to talk, or walk.
  Saorise goes first, and becomes a very happy little toddler.



Monday, 24 September 2012

2.6 - Pocket Full of Sunshine

  Oriana has her birthday in the morning. Brenna wanted to watch her baby grow up, and couldn't if the birthday was after school.
  Taking a deep breath, Oriana thinks of a wish, then blows out the candles. She hopes that her wish will come true. Turning around, she smiles at her sister and mother, before grabbing a piece of cake. It makes a terrible breakfast, but boy, is it yummy. Karla has the same thought as she sits down with her own piece.

  Brenna gives Oriana a hug, before asking her what she wants for her birthday.
  "I don't want anything, mom, so don't worry. I do know how to walk, so I can go places arounf town when I'm bored."

   Karla stopped spending as much time singing, since she was learning how to play the keyboard. However, once in a while she still drops by Micks.

  After that, a stop at the arcade. The claw machine seems to hate Karla. Her first go, she got a freezer bunny, then couldn't get anything more after that.
  Orianaa spends her free day at the park. Taking a break to sit down for a moment, another girl walks up and sits beside her.
  "Um, hi, I hope you don't mind me being forward or anything, but I'm Clara, and I'm new here. I start school tomorrow, and I'd like to have a friend before starting."
  With a smile, Oriana begins to chatter excitedly. "Nice to meet you, I'm Oriana. I also start school tomorrow. The rest of my friends are still in elementary school, but my sister is in high school, I can introduce you tomorrow. Then you'll have two friends."
  The rest of the afternoon is spent talking, and showing Clara around.

   At home, Karla attempts to make some mac n' cheese in the mircowave (Brenna doesn't trust her with the stove) while her mother is outside. It turns out terrible, and Karla is stuck eating burnt pasta. She drinks a cup of coffee after to get rid of the taste.

  Brenna thought it would be a great idea to get a couple bee houses so she could have honey to cook with. Not such a great idea...

Firecracker Shrimp. The newest recipe tried in the Saffron household. And another one that sets their mouths on fire.

   Karla invites Gabriel over after supper. She's had a crush on him for a while now, and finally decides to snag him for herself. It starts with a kiss...

  Oriana's mad dancing skills... While Karla works on getting herself a boyfriend.

And from kissing, to this.

   Afterwards, Gabriel spends some time alone in the laundry room with his homework.

  And Karla stays up all night playing her keyboard. Thinking about what had just happened.

  The next morning, Oriana grumbles as she gets out of bed, coffee is the first thing she's headed for. She was up half the night listening to her sister.

  And the due punishment for Karla making a mess of the bathroom from vomiting all night.

At some point, the writing will get better. xD Anyway, I was bored, and not feeling creative (Also not feeling like cleaning like I should) so I redesigned my blog. If anyone has visited in the past couple days, you probably noticed me messing around with it alot. I couldn't find something that I actually liked, so I made my own. The only thing that should change from now on is the header whenever the generation moves on.
Which reminds me.... I'm slightly rushing through this generation to get to the next one... Mostly because I can't wait to add a certain sim to my family. :D

Sunday, 23 September 2012

2.5 - Burning Bright

  Alone in her playing, Oriana takes it upon herself to teach Brock the faerie, and Puzzle the robot all about math. Mr Bunny was placed in detention for eating too many carrots.
“Five times five is twenty five, five times six is thirty...”
  Brenna is just happy that her youngest is both learning something important, and having fun at the same time. Karla on the other hand... Brenna was lucky if she caught sight of the teenager.
  As far as she knew, Karla spent most of her time at Mick's Master Karaoke. Oriana still managed to make Karla sit with her on the bus, but that was it for their interaction.

  At least Oriana's birthday was soon. They always seemed to get along better when they had more in common, like boys.
  Brenna shuddered, and forced herself away from that thought. She didn't want to think of her little girls going through what she did. Best keep away from boys completely.
  Instead, Brenna's thoughts drifted off to their last night in Dragon Falls. There had been warning before it happened. More deaths occurred, items had been stolen from the alchemy shop. Signs that something was wrong. Something bad was going to happen.

  The full moon rose. They shuffled slowly up the hill. Helicopters flew above, military dropped down, shooting at the walking dead, keeping them back as long as possible. Others got families out of their homes, and up into helicopters where they were flown to a waiting ship.
  Brenna had been lucky, her family was among the first to be evacuated, her home closest to the shuffling corpses. Others weren't so lucky.
  Brenna watched, helping when she could, as sim after sim were brought to the boat. Babies screamed, children cried, adults tried to remain calm. She paid close attention to just who made it there alive. The Sumners were there, but broken. Bridget had tears in her eyes, but a determined look on her face. On her hip was little Keven, and holding her free hand was Micah. Karla's half brothers.

  The boat ride to Autumn Falls took nearly a week. While waiting, lessons were held to learn the history of where they were making their new home.
  It was once a private island, owned by a couple, the Harringtons. In light of a prophecy, William Harrington began construction on the island, turning it into a safe haven for those who would need it most.
  Karla celebrated her teen birthday the day before they were to dock. She was unhappy about it, since it meant that no party, and no cake. No one remembered her birthday, save her family. But, she understood why.
  Brenna also celebrated her birthday, but she was happy that no one remembered it. Except her kids who decided it'd be fun to tease about grey hair, and wrinkles.

  Upon arriving, the confusing part began. Giving everyone a home. Most were placed in a house that was worth the same as their old house. Others took out loans to afford something more. And some asked for something smaller, like Brenna.
  Karla and Oriana had their own bedrooms, plus a bathroom to share. Brenna had her own room, right next to the kitchen/living room/dining room. She loved it.

  Everything was going smoothly... Mostly. Brenna was disappointed that Christian refused to speak to her. He had a house just up the road from her, having been dismissed from the mission he'd been assigned before Oriana was born. His reward for helping evacuate people.
  Brenna had read in the paper that he was engaged. To a young woman who just graduated high school. She'd seen the girl around town. The girl was pregnant. Yet another half-sibling for Oriana. She already had Vince Rosen, Christian's son from before Brenna.

  Falling in love was such a bad idea.

(Excuse the no pictures. I seem to have misplaced my folder with them. :( So take another chapter to make up for it.)

Friday, 14 September 2012

2.4 - Moving Away

 Karla checks under her bed for monsters. She's felt something weird around everywhere she's gone lately, and isn't surprised when dark fog spills out from under the bed with red eyes glowing, staring at her from the darkness.
 Outside her door, her mother gives her a hug, and assures her that she'll protect Karla at any cost to herself. The reassurance makes Karla feel better. Enough to go to sleep in her room.

The first day of school for Oriana goes alright. None of her fears, bullies, being stupid, come true. In fact, she  answers more of her teacher's questions then anyone else in class. Karla may have helped a little on the bus before school.

That night, Brenna sits her girls down and tells them to be careful. There'd been news of a sort of invasion heading their way, after already going through Riverview, and Twinbrook. Both Karla and Oriana take heed of the warning, and don't go anyway alone.

Brenna finds something odd in her fridge, and decides to taste it. It looks like brains, but tastes like strawberry. She blows it off as a prank from her children.

The full moon. Just before all goes to hell.

Karla ages up on the boat to Autumn Falls. No party, no cake. No one remembered. Though she couldn't blame them, being crowded onto a boat with 40 other sims with zombies chasing after you would be enough to make anyone forget about birthdays.

Brenna also ages up on the boat, but she's glad that no one remembered. She has some wrinkles now, and would rather no one knew about them
Oriana is happy that her friends survived, and made it to Autumn Falls, but she's upset that she no longer has her sister as a playmate. Especially to help round up the bandits.

Crappy chapter, not really feeling creative since catching a cold. I'm planning on playing today and having a much better chapter out tomorrow. One that slightly explains things better too. >.<
After I installed Supernatural, where I had minimal lag, I suddenly had a ton. One sim minute took about five real time minutes. So I just saved a bunch of family, and moved them to Autumn Falls. I spend all of yesterday adding lots, and rearranging the town, exchanging rabbit holes for ones I liked better, and would fit more with a small island that had been owned by two vampires for the last couple centuries.