Friday, 14 September 2012

2.4 - Moving Away

 Karla checks under her bed for monsters. She's felt something weird around everywhere she's gone lately, and isn't surprised when dark fog spills out from under the bed with red eyes glowing, staring at her from the darkness.
 Outside her door, her mother gives her a hug, and assures her that she'll protect Karla at any cost to herself. The reassurance makes Karla feel better. Enough to go to sleep in her room.

The first day of school for Oriana goes alright. None of her fears, bullies, being stupid, come true. In fact, she  answers more of her teacher's questions then anyone else in class. Karla may have helped a little on the bus before school.

That night, Brenna sits her girls down and tells them to be careful. There'd been news of a sort of invasion heading their way, after already going through Riverview, and Twinbrook. Both Karla and Oriana take heed of the warning, and don't go anyway alone.

Brenna finds something odd in her fridge, and decides to taste it. It looks like brains, but tastes like strawberry. She blows it off as a prank from her children.

The full moon. Just before all goes to hell.

Karla ages up on the boat to Autumn Falls. No party, no cake. No one remembered. Though she couldn't blame them, being crowded onto a boat with 40 other sims with zombies chasing after you would be enough to make anyone forget about birthdays.

Brenna also ages up on the boat, but she's glad that no one remembered. She has some wrinkles now, and would rather no one knew about them
Oriana is happy that her friends survived, and made it to Autumn Falls, but she's upset that she no longer has her sister as a playmate. Especially to help round up the bandits.

Crappy chapter, not really feeling creative since catching a cold. I'm planning on playing today and having a much better chapter out tomorrow. One that slightly explains things better too. >.<
After I installed Supernatural, where I had minimal lag, I suddenly had a ton. One sim minute took about five real time minutes. So I just saved a bunch of family, and moved them to Autumn Falls. I spend all of yesterday adding lots, and rearranging the town, exchanging rabbit holes for ones I liked better, and would fit more with a small island that had been owned by two vampires for the last couple centuries.


  1. I enjoyed it. It's an interesting premise!
    (and lol at the "looks like brains" thing. It actually does)

    1. Glad someone did. xD I'm hoping that it'll turn out as interesting as it is in my mind. I'm writing out all the chapters before hand before continuing, so I know what'll happen.
      (They are actually listed as brains when you get them from the fridge. I'm just going to pretend it's jello.)