Sunday, 23 September 2012

2.5 - Burning Bright

  Alone in her playing, Oriana takes it upon herself to teach Brock the faerie, and Puzzle the robot all about math. Mr Bunny was placed in detention for eating too many carrots.
“Five times five is twenty five, five times six is thirty...”
  Brenna is just happy that her youngest is both learning something important, and having fun at the same time. Karla on the other hand... Brenna was lucky if she caught sight of the teenager.
  As far as she knew, Karla spent most of her time at Mick's Master Karaoke. Oriana still managed to make Karla sit with her on the bus, but that was it for their interaction.

  At least Oriana's birthday was soon. They always seemed to get along better when they had more in common, like boys.
  Brenna shuddered, and forced herself away from that thought. She didn't want to think of her little girls going through what she did. Best keep away from boys completely.
  Instead, Brenna's thoughts drifted off to their last night in Dragon Falls. There had been warning before it happened. More deaths occurred, items had been stolen from the alchemy shop. Signs that something was wrong. Something bad was going to happen.

  The full moon rose. They shuffled slowly up the hill. Helicopters flew above, military dropped down, shooting at the walking dead, keeping them back as long as possible. Others got families out of their homes, and up into helicopters where they were flown to a waiting ship.
  Brenna had been lucky, her family was among the first to be evacuated, her home closest to the shuffling corpses. Others weren't so lucky.
  Brenna watched, helping when she could, as sim after sim were brought to the boat. Babies screamed, children cried, adults tried to remain calm. She paid close attention to just who made it there alive. The Sumners were there, but broken. Bridget had tears in her eyes, but a determined look on her face. On her hip was little Keven, and holding her free hand was Micah. Karla's half brothers.

  The boat ride to Autumn Falls took nearly a week. While waiting, lessons were held to learn the history of where they were making their new home.
  It was once a private island, owned by a couple, the Harringtons. In light of a prophecy, William Harrington began construction on the island, turning it into a safe haven for those who would need it most.
  Karla celebrated her teen birthday the day before they were to dock. She was unhappy about it, since it meant that no party, and no cake. No one remembered her birthday, save her family. But, she understood why.
  Brenna also celebrated her birthday, but she was happy that no one remembered it. Except her kids who decided it'd be fun to tease about grey hair, and wrinkles.

  Upon arriving, the confusing part began. Giving everyone a home. Most were placed in a house that was worth the same as their old house. Others took out loans to afford something more. And some asked for something smaller, like Brenna.
  Karla and Oriana had their own bedrooms, plus a bathroom to share. Brenna had her own room, right next to the kitchen/living room/dining room. She loved it.

  Everything was going smoothly... Mostly. Brenna was disappointed that Christian refused to speak to her. He had a house just up the road from her, having been dismissed from the mission he'd been assigned before Oriana was born. His reward for helping evacuate people.
  Brenna had read in the paper that he was engaged. To a young woman who just graduated high school. She'd seen the girl around town. The girl was pregnant. Yet another half-sibling for Oriana. She already had Vince Rosen, Christian's son from before Brenna.

  Falling in love was such a bad idea.

(Excuse the no pictures. I seem to have misplaced my folder with them. :( So take another chapter to make up for it.)

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