Monday, 24 September 2012

2.6 - Pocket Full of Sunshine

  Oriana has her birthday in the morning. Brenna wanted to watch her baby grow up, and couldn't if the birthday was after school.
  Taking a deep breath, Oriana thinks of a wish, then blows out the candles. She hopes that her wish will come true. Turning around, she smiles at her sister and mother, before grabbing a piece of cake. It makes a terrible breakfast, but boy, is it yummy. Karla has the same thought as she sits down with her own piece.

  Brenna gives Oriana a hug, before asking her what she wants for her birthday.
  "I don't want anything, mom, so don't worry. I do know how to walk, so I can go places arounf town when I'm bored."

   Karla stopped spending as much time singing, since she was learning how to play the keyboard. However, once in a while she still drops by Micks.

  After that, a stop at the arcade. The claw machine seems to hate Karla. Her first go, she got a freezer bunny, then couldn't get anything more after that.
  Orianaa spends her free day at the park. Taking a break to sit down for a moment, another girl walks up and sits beside her.
  "Um, hi, I hope you don't mind me being forward or anything, but I'm Clara, and I'm new here. I start school tomorrow, and I'd like to have a friend before starting."
  With a smile, Oriana begins to chatter excitedly. "Nice to meet you, I'm Oriana. I also start school tomorrow. The rest of my friends are still in elementary school, but my sister is in high school, I can introduce you tomorrow. Then you'll have two friends."
  The rest of the afternoon is spent talking, and showing Clara around.

   At home, Karla attempts to make some mac n' cheese in the mircowave (Brenna doesn't trust her with the stove) while her mother is outside. It turns out terrible, and Karla is stuck eating burnt pasta. She drinks a cup of coffee after to get rid of the taste.

  Brenna thought it would be a great idea to get a couple bee houses so she could have honey to cook with. Not such a great idea...

Firecracker Shrimp. The newest recipe tried in the Saffron household. And another one that sets their mouths on fire.

   Karla invites Gabriel over after supper. She's had a crush on him for a while now, and finally decides to snag him for herself. It starts with a kiss...

  Oriana's mad dancing skills... While Karla works on getting herself a boyfriend.

And from kissing, to this.

   Afterwards, Gabriel spends some time alone in the laundry room with his homework.

  And Karla stays up all night playing her keyboard. Thinking about what had just happened.

  The next morning, Oriana grumbles as she gets out of bed, coffee is the first thing she's headed for. She was up half the night listening to her sister.

  And the due punishment for Karla making a mess of the bathroom from vomiting all night.

At some point, the writing will get better. xD Anyway, I was bored, and not feeling creative (Also not feeling like cleaning like I should) so I redesigned my blog. If anyone has visited in the past couple days, you probably noticed me messing around with it alot. I couldn't find something that I actually liked, so I made my own. The only thing that should change from now on is the header whenever the generation moves on.
Which reminds me.... I'm slightly rushing through this generation to get to the next one... Mostly because I can't wait to add a certain sim to my family. :D

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  1. Cute chapter! Oriana and Karla are both so pretty.