Tuesday, 25 September 2012

2.7 - Safe and Sound

 It doesn't take long for Karla to discover why she was puking all night. She knows that she needs to tell her mom about the pregnancy, but she's scared of her mom will react to it. 

  Unfortunately, Karla doesn't get a chance to tell Brenna. She goes running to the bathroom to throw up yet again. Brenna asks Oriana what's wrong with Karla. Without thinking, Oriana tells her. Brenna just sighs before standing up. She'd never sat down and told her kids about consequences of their actions. It was something she figured they would understand right away.
  Apparently not.

  When Karla leaves the bathroom, Brenna wraps her daughter in a hug. It takes several minutes before either let go.
  "We'll get through this sweetie. Don't worry."

Karla asks Oriana who told mom about the baby. Oriana says she did. But mom was going to find out regardless, so Karla should save her breath gettting mad.

  Karla calls Gabriel, inviting him over to the house. She doesn't let him inside, instead, telling him about her pregnancy outside, where he can run away faster.
  "Is it mine?" he asks.
  Karla rolls her eyes. "Well duh."
  Staring at the ground, Gabriel mutters. "I'll help. It's my baby too, I won't abandon you. When we graduate high school, I'll even marry you."

  When Gabriel leaves, Karla sits in the rocking chair her mother bought, thinking about what Gabe had said. Did she want to get married to him after high school? For her child, she would. Her child would have a normal family. A mom and a dad, and the aunt who lives on the other side of town who spoils the child.

  Time goes by quickly. Karla is surprised by how much energy is drained just by doing something simple. She sits all day long in class, but is still exhausted when she gets home. Enough to take a nap nearly everyday before homework.

  And her exhaustion is just going to get worse.
  "Time to go to the hospital."
  Karla just wants this over with. She vows to never have another child after this one. Too much pain for her to handle.

  Instead of just one baby, Karla got a surprise. Twins! Both girls. She has no clue what to name them, so she tells Oriana to name one, while she picks something random.
  Saorise Joelle (left) and Faylinn Lisette (right).

  Karla calls Gabriel to tell him about the birth of the twins. He promises to come visit them soon. But he doesn't get a chance to see them as babies. His parents were mad at him for getting a girl pregnant, and he's practically on house arrest now.

  Brenna takes great joy in playing with her grandkids. Of course, she was hoping that she'd be old before she got any, but she doesn't mind too much... they're too cute to wish them to not be there.

  While her mother plays with Saorise, Karla rocks Faylinn to sleep. The twins are vastly different. While Faylinn wants to sleep, all Saorise wants is attention. 

   Oriana spends less time at home now that the babies are there. She doesn't want to become a babysitter for them. So she spends her time at Clara's. The two are very close, and Oriana can't help but think that her best friend is cute.  Though when she starts thinking about kissing the other girl, she immediately stops thinking. She doesn't want to be labeled a weird for liking a girl.

  Soon, it's the twins birthday. Karla is happy that she'll get ot play with them now, but isn't looking forward to teach them how to talk, or walk.
  Saorise goes first, and becomes a very happy little toddler.



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