Thursday, 27 September 2012

3.0 - Beginning Again

  In the days before Karla's birthday, she convinced Oriana to help bring the twins to the park to play. They didn't do much, neither of the girls had fun, since they could only play on the spring riders.

  Once again, an early morning birthday. Karla took great care in what she was wishing for. It wasn't going to be anything silly like it had been before. This one was important to her.

  Her wish came true.
  Gabriel came over just after they had eaten cake. The first thing he did was ask Karla to marry him. She said yes, and almost choked him to death with her hug.
  After that, while Brenna was at work, Oriana at Clara's, and the twins asleep, they sat down and talked.
  "Karla, if I asked, would you move away from here with me?"
  "How come?"
  "Just... I'm tired of Autumn Falls. This is the place we were forced to after what happened in Dragon Falls. My father owns a property on a tiny island not too far from here. He said it's mine if I wish. And I'd like to go. Make my own place in Sim Nation."
  Karla stared at the wall for a few minutes before coming to a conclusion. "On two conditions. First, we get married before we go. And second, my family comes if they wish."
  Gabriel readily agreed.

  They got married that night, after spending the day packing, after Brenna and Oriana wished to go. Oriana also asked if Clara could go as well. No one minded.

  There was a house already built on the property. Karla hated it immediately. It was a box, with too much room. To make her happy again, Gabriel said he'd call someone to come out, find out what she wanted, and begin building a house a little further back. When it was finished, this one would be demolished.
  That made Karla agree to the idea.

  There was a little in-law building way in the back. Brenna quickly fell in love with the little place. It would allow her to have her own space, and still be close to her family.

  Clara was happy to be away from Autumn Falls. She'd been adopted as a child, but couldn't stand the man she was suppose to call father. Though she never told anyone, he worked for a top secret company, and sometimes used Clara as a test subject. She was hoping that the company wouldn't find her out on a tiny island that wasn't on a map.
  She loved writing, and spent her time at the library, escaping the full house, and the two annoying brats that were Karla's kids. At least, she thought she was spending her time writing, every time she opened her data stick, it was empty. It made her wonder where she was saving her so called stories that she could vaguely recall.

  Gabriel took great pride in teaching his daughters to talk, much better then their baby talk.
  "One day, gramma will teach you to cook, and you can cook daddy's favourite foods. How does that sound, Saorise?"
  "No, not cookies.."
  "Cookie, dada, cookie."
  No arguing with a toddler.

  During the twins nap, Karla pulled Gabriel aside. "Gabe... I'm pregnant..."
  "Really?" he sounded excited.
  Karla nodded.
  Giving her a hug, Gabriel said the words that Karla had wanted to hear. "I'm going to do it right this time. I'll be here every step of the way."

   The local pool. A place that Karla would never go again. Gabriel received a call from someone, asking to meet them there. Curious, he agreed. They had a few drinks, enough that Gabriel was unsteady, slurring words... With one small 'mistep', the stranger knocked Gabriel into the pool, where he hit his head on the side before slipping down in the water, breathing the water in.
  The stranger was no where to be seen.

  Karla had followed, thinking it suspicious that someone would randomly call Gabe there. Unfortunately, she got lost, and arrived too late.
  While Grim was floating closer every second, Karla began to cry, unable to stop Grim from taking her husband.

  Back at home, Karla fell into the arms of the first person she saw. While her and Clara were not good friends, Clara couldn't push the older woman away. Not when she needed help with her own issue. However, it would wait. Grieving for Gabriel would come first.

I'm hoping that with an even smaller would, lag won't be as bad.
One of my families suddenly got really glitchy, Gabriel's. I couldn't go past the house they lived in, or invite Gabe over, so I took them out, and replaced them, added Gabe to my family, and aged him up. Then saved them and moved them.


  1. Awww. Gabriel's death is so sad. :(

  2. Oh no, poor Gabriel! I wonder who killed him and if it has any connection with Carla's missing writing