Sunday, 2 September 2012

2.3 - Growing Up

It took no time at all for Oriana to grow into an adorable little toddler. She looked so much like her daddy that it made Brenna's heart ache. Though, with a deep breath, she push onwards. Oriana was a fast learner, and had mastered how to walk, talk, and use the potty in almost no time at all. Brenna was very proud of her daughter.
She didn't regret her decision to wait until both her children were in school to return to work. She much prefered that she was there for every cute moment.

Karla and Oriana got along very well together. Oriana liked to copy everything that her big sister did, and Karla didn't mind one bit.
Too soon it seemed, Karla's birthday was upon them. Brenna helped her baby girl blow out the candles. It was the last time she could carry the little girl around.

Karla spent her birthday playing outside on the things her mother bought. A slip n' slide, and a seahorse. That, and she pigged out on cake... Who wouldn't?

 Her doll she'd received in the mail from a distant uncle was a constant companion for her. His name was Puzzle, and he was great with tea parties.

Karla's first day of elementary school was scary. Since she was the furthest student from school, she had to not only sit at the front, but she was the first one on the bus.

After school, Brenna sat down with her oldest child, and attempted to get some answers about how school went. Karla just told her about how some kid was so nervous that he puked in math class.
A game of peek-a-boo after homework cheered Karla up. She could always count on her little sister. 

It was a happy day when Oriana's birthday rolled around. Brenna would be returning to work the next day, while Karla told Oriana all about school before both girls would be going on Monday. Just two days away.

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  1. Adorable kids. I'm bummed that you lost most of generation one, but I'm happy to see that Brenna seems to be doing okay.