Friday, 19 October 2012


So, I'm still going to be playing my Saffron legacy, but I'm not going to be blogging it anymore. Right now, it's just too much work to remember to take the pictures, and edit them, and writing out the story. So for now, I'm jsut going to play, and post each generation.
I think I may try again with the next legacy I try.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

3.1 - Little Feet

  Karla feels a sharp pain in her chest when she gets out of bed in the morning. She still hasn't made Gabriel's side of the bed. Deep in her heart, she prayed that his death was a dream. He was going to come home from work, kiss her, and tell their baby that he can't wait for him to arrive.
  But it's just a wish. Karla knows that, but she can't help but hope. She drags herself out of bed, she has to appear normal for her girls. It's their birthday, and she wants everything to be perfect in their lives.

  Saorise is first. She gives the candle a funny look, and lets her mom blow it out for her.

  Faylinn gives it a try, even making a wish like everyone said. (She wished for a pony).

  While Karla had been planning to spend the day with the twins. The baby has other ideas. And instead, Karla spends the day in the hospital.

  She comes home hours later with a baby boy whom she named Reed. Reed Colin Saffron.

  Faylinn decides that reading about the rules of chess are much more interesting then greeting her new little brother. She can see him any old time, and he's not old enough to do anything useful.

  Saorise is upset at the new baby. He made it even harder for her to get attention from her mother. So, in retaliation, Saorise takes her brother's teddy bear, and buries it in the sand. Hopefully, Karla doesn't realize who took the bear.

  Brenna's birthday happens as well...

  But is interrupted when Clara goes into labour. Oriana freaks out when Clara calmly asks for someone to call a taxi.